Summer Office Attire and Why You Need To Layer Up!

Living in Las Vegas means scorching hot weather, drinking a lot of water, and very cool air conditioned rooms and buildings. As I write this post, it is currently 107 degrees at 1:16pm. The high for today should reach up to 111 degrees. I am currently layered up in a maxi dress and my favorite Tigger hoodie. Why?

Because I am inside my “office” and the air is on full blast and I’m quite honestly freezing!

So why aren’t you just wearing pants then, Shai? Well, I definitely could! I’ll probably put some on later to be honest. For right now, I’m comfortable in my maxi dress and I can easily take the hoodie off without changing the entire style of my outfit, if I need to go outside in the scorching heat!

Now, is my current outfit the most stylish get-up? No. Not one bit. My dress is different shades of pink and my hoodie is black with TIGGER written on it. Not stylish at all, but since I work from my grandparents house, I’m not required to dress up…or match, for this matter.

If you don’t work from home and are required to dress work-appropriate, like most people are, then I have some AWESOME tips and styles for you to rock at the office!

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