Makeup review

Hey guys! Today I will be doing a review on the makeup I recently bought. Some I have tried in a full face application and some I have not yet. Before we go any further I want to show you what I bought!

Here is the foundation that I’ve started using.

L’oreal true match : cappuccino n8

This is my first foundation ever but I really like it! After watching YouTube makeup videos for almost a good year and seeing a lot of beauty gurus using this, im pretty confident in my purchase. The color is a little dark going on but it blends out to match my skin tone perfectly! I bought it from Walmart for about $8. The quality is really good. The texture is smooth going on and feels great on my face. It doesn’t cake up at all or make me look dry and ashy. I didn’t use a beauty blender to apply it. I just used my hands and the application turned out really good. The only downside to this I think is how liquid the foundation is, it runs out the bottle quickly and I wasted a bit of it because of that but it’s not an annoying amount. Just be careful when you pour this out onto anything!
The next thing I am going to review is this lipstick.

wet n wild: 503c


I also bought this at Walmart. The lipstick was about $2. Cheap finds but really nice quality. The lipstick is a beautiful pink salmon color to me. I usually don’t wear bright colors but this is really nice on me and it’s surely becoming a favorite! Here is a full face picture of my makeup.


The blush I used is actually lipstick! I used my wet n wild 505A for the blush. I wanted a pink tone as you can see on my face lol

The eyeshadow is from my Hard Candy eye palette Rated X 889.

I used the two pink colors from the palette. For my eyebrows I just used a brown eye liner/lip pencil. I couldn’t find my eyebrow makeup so I worked with what I could find.

I used a little bit of bronzer from Rimmel London.

This is the concealer I used. I don’t remember the exactly price but it was around $5 so it wasn’t too expensive.

I used this for my “finish” but I honestly don’t really like this powder. It makes me feel dry and look ashy so I didn’t use a lot at all. I wouldn’t recommend this. If I could take it back, I would but I lost my receipt. For my mascara I used maybellines The Falsies Volum Express. I love the brush because it’s curved and allows me to get my bottom lashes really well without making a mess on my eyes with the mascara.

Okay you guys, that’s all for now! I have two other makeup products that I have to try out and review but that will be for another post!

Happy days, God bless, love yourself, be a good person, and try to do right with your life.