Blogging after experiencing a loss | Monday Mindset

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I think I’ve found an answer. In January, I lost my grandmother to a 4-month battle with cancer, after losing a cousin to unknown reasons two weeks earlier, in December. It broke my spirit, changed my view of the world and myself, and gravely confused me. This was also my first time experiencing a death from close loved ones. The question that kept eating away at me was how do I get back to blogging after experiencing a loss?

I’ve been asking myself this question every day after my grandmothers funeral. And every time I ask myself this question, I can never find the answer. However! After almost 3 months of not even looking at my blog, I’ve decided it’s been long enough. I got into blogging not knowing anything, whereas now, I have knowledge of blogging so why was it so hard to get back to blogging after experiencing a loss?? 

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