24 and confused

I think I am having a twenties-mid-life-crisis.

From 18 years old I was so sure of what I wanted to do, I had a lot of dreams, many different careers but they all led to owning a business. I still have those dreams but which one should I focus on more? I wish I knew. I wish my mind knew. I wish my heart knew. Because none of them know the answer. I just want a business of my own.

I know that I want a restaurant, I know that I want my bakery, I know that I want a graphic design business(I mean, I’m going to school for graphic design and computer information technology), and I also know that I want my own clothing line, I also want to do a lot of non-profit businesses. I want my name to be a brand. I want to be a brand. But I don’t want the limelight either. I want people to know of me but know that I do my work behind the scenes. Yet, I want to be the owner, the CEO, the creator, the Queen of my Empire….see my problem?

I am working in school, I have my YouTube channel to brand my name, and I am still working(behind the scenes) on Shai’s Bakery. Even though my bakery isn’t really noticed by the world yet, that’s my baby and I’m proud of myself for keeping it this long because let me tell you, there have been many times I’ve thought to take it off the radar until I could revamp it only because nobody really paid it any mind. I am considering, now that this revelation has come to me, that maybe I should change my major and minor to business and entrepreneurship. It would make sense.

I can learn all the rest of the details on my own like I have been doing but the business aspect of things, I just can’t learn without experience. I need the foundation set out for me where I can come back to it as needed.

This post has been enlightening for me, I started writing it as a rant and in a confused and frustrated state but now I have actually found the insight I was looking for and am now feeling much more calm and directed.

If you have any good vibes and advice you’d like to offer on my situation right now and what I should/plan/want to do…please let me know. I appreciate all comments and would love to hear some positive thoughts and advice in my life.