KleanColor Lipsticks!! Beauty Value

Hi Dolls and Kens! I just reviewed this product from Kleancolor. I’ve been hearing so much good stuff about these colors so I bought them and tried them out. I have a video for you on my youtube and I reviewed on Amazon.com. ALL THE COLORS IN MY PICTURE ARE $8.95 TOTAL, NOT EACH, BUT TOTAL. That’s such a great deal because let me tell you I don’t have the time to be spending $8.95 on ONE lipstick lol! I will admit I did think the products would be cheap and not worth this but they’re actually very good quality! Not perfect by any means, but better quality than you would expect for the whole set to be $8.95. They smell good too. So let’s get into the review!

You can view my Amazon review here if you don’t want to watch the full 20 minute unboxing and review on youtube (but it would be so awesome if you guys supported my youtube and subscribed to my channel!! )


Happy Blogging beauties!



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Free App! The Fabulous-Motivate Me.

Hi dolls and kens! I’m back with an app review for you. Before I get into the main post I do want to say thank you to all of my followers and for sticking around with me even though I am not yet as active as I would like to be on here. You guys are awesome and you keep me going!


Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-13-20 The Fabulous – Motivate Me app is a great habit tracker. Now, I have tried tracking my habits on my own in my bullet journal and I have not been very successful. I am more a visual type of learner and I like to see my progress laid out in a very simple yet adorable fashion and I do not yet have the patience nor creativity to do so in my bullet journal. Where am I going with this information? This app. It’s so simplistic but so beautiful. While I believe it is geared more for the women who want to live healthier mentally, physically, emotionally, I don’t consider it so ‘girly’ that men aren’t able to use the app as well.

Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-39-48 This is your homepage. I have been using the app for about 4 days now so I have more notifications (not too many though!). As you can see, it tells me what actions I need to take in order to be successful in my daily habit goals, for a great breakfast, I need to go to the store and buy fruits and eggs for the week( for my morning protein). This action did come automatic once I chose to accept the “great daily breakfast” challenge but I am glad that it did because I don’t have enough fruits and eggs for the week, so as long as I open my phone daily and check my notifications, I’ll be reminded to get said groceries. If you don’t need or want this notification you can definitely swipe it away (these cards are very much like Google Cards where you can swipe what you’ve read or don’t want so it’s very easy).

Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-39-59 Still on the homepage, you get these beautiful little letters. They do have some length to them but I had no problem reading the full letter and I enjoyed it. It is personalized to your name (which is pretty much the only thing you have to input as you first use the app, and your email unless you want to create a profile then you just enter in a password and you’re done. Honestly this app is so simple. I love it) and your habits or challenges that you chose to follow.

Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-40-24 Right now I am taking the “Feel more energized” challenge which includes drinking water first thing in the morning. Now this is something that I have been doing already but I haven’t been doing it consistently. This app helps me to track it daily and helps me prepare the night before by reminding me to place a bottle in clear view or my vision and to keep a bottle of water near me so that when I wake up, it is the first thing I see. I also accepted the challenge to eat a great breakfast daily, which basically says ‘eat protein to keep you full until lunch time’. I was skeptical of this challenge but I promise you guys since I started it(only about 3 days ago), I literally have been full from 7am (my usual wake up time) to noon(my usual lunch time). I do drink water in between those times which also helps curb my appetite but the protein thing works great too and I feel much more energized.

Now, if you’ve been looking at my screen shots I have provided, you’ll notice a little spaceship in the bottom right corner of the homepage. This is what you will click to tell the app you have completed your goals for the day or this is where you go to ‘get fabulous’. Once you click on “Make me fabulous,” it takes you to the, yep, you guessed it, “make me fabulous” page! There you can follow yoga instructions, take a motivated power nap, meditate, exercise, and follow a guided stretch plan.


I have only done the exercise and meditate guides so far and I really like them. In the meditate card, you have the option to do 3 Breather meditations and one Bell Only Meditation. The Breather meditations include one 5 minute and two 10 minute sessions. Each one with a guided calm and soothing voice to help you along if you need it, if not, go ahead and mute your phone. I personally like to hear the voice calmly instructing my mind to take a break and experience inner being life. As far as the exercise card, I have used it twice so far and it tracks how long I work out and then adds it to my calendar within the app. I haven’t paid much attention to this card yet but I do plan on using it more and paying more attention to it to see what it offers.

Alrighty folks, I think this is long enough and more than enough information to give you and idea of whether or not the app is worth trying out. My honest opinion is yes, download this baby and take full advantage of it, it is free anyways so what do you have to lose??

You can find this on the google play store or sign up for a email when it is available on iOS.



Happy Blogging babies!



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Very small Target/E.L.F haul


Hey loves! I’m back with another post. Did you miss me? I hope you did.

This post will be about the small haul I got today at Target. I went in the store today with my grandmother, not planning at all to buy anything then as we were walking down the makeup aisles, I see e.l.f products. I bought my first elf products at walmart and they are still doing good to me and since I needed these products but didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money I figured I might as well get this. I haven’t opened them yet as I want to do a video for my very small haul and then review them the same day but I will give you the prices and details.


The e.l.f Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer: 21711 Sheer, $1.00. Preps your eyelids for smoother, long-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow. The ultra sheer color works to increase eye color longevity.

e.l.f Natural Lash Kit: 1713, $1.00. Enhance your natural lash line with these beautiful faux lashes. They instantly intensify and add depth for a glamorous look(I love glamour so these are perfect me so far!).

e.l.f 3-in-1 Mascara: 81440 Very Black, $3.00. All-in-one professional mascara that helps lengthen, define and volumize lashes. Uniquely shaped silicone brush has precision bristles to coat lashes for a dramatic look. Long lasting formula helps give all-day, smudge-free, budge-free wear(I’ve been looking for a mascara with the little knob at the tip of the brush for my lower lashes since I barely have lashes there at all. I’m really hoping this brush captures my lower lashes and makes them really noticeable).

Last but not least.   e.l.f High Definition Powder: 83333 Soft Luminance, $6.00. The high definition loose powder creates a “soft focus” effect on the skin. Masks fine lines and gives skin a soft luminizing effect to blur imperfections. The incredibly soft powder is great for on camera and everyday wear. 


So that’s the scoop. I will do another post when I try these out for a few days or maybe a week and review them.

Happy blogging, stay happy, smile, laugh, be the best you can be.



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Amazon now lets you download their Prime movies and shows

Amazon Prime

If you haven’t heard yet, Amazon Prime now lets you download Prime movies and TV shows. The update is available on most big devices such as iPhone and iPad, Fire Tablet, and Android. If you have the Amazon Video app, your app should have updated already and you already have the feature to download prime content to your device. Once your content is downloaded, you can watch it anytime, anywhere according to Amazon, even while you’re offline.

I’ve yet to use this new feature but I am excited. I might do a small review on the apps new service once I get used to it and have used it for a while.


Picture, information and link provided by Amazon.com I do not any rights related to Amazon. I am not sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with Amazon for this post.

New Site!

Shai’s Bakery is creating a new site to match our beautifully update blog! The site is not yet finished, I don’t want to rush things again and throw out what I can manage. I want to make sure this site will look good for a long time and will bring in you lovely readers! I want my site, and blog, to create a welcome feeling and stay for you all. Here is a preview!


More will be announced!

Happy Baking


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