Floral Print and Red Cardigans – POSH Style


Lately, I’ve been so in love with floral prints. I recently saw some really cute Gucci shoes at Ross (they were $40! Honestly, I wish they had my size in stock) and almost cried when I had to leave without them in my hand. I also bought a few floral tops. So it’s safe to say I have a slight obsession with floral print as of recently.

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5 Ways to Wear The Gingham Style | Fall Trends

Fall is coming very soon and I hope everyone is ready for the season of spice, pumpkin everything, changing colors of leaves and tree, and windy days. I know I’m ready. I probably get too excited when Fall comes because that means cold weather, rain, Halloween, Food Day (yes, I mean Thanksgiving), and Christmas.

Bring on the fall!

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Vintage Inspired | Taking It Back with Beauties On Fire

Incorporating fashion into my blog has been a challenge for me. I love many different style types: vintage, trendy, street, high-fashion, goth, color-coordinated…so many more. Loving so many different styles and not being able to yet afford them has given me a huge complex when writing fashion posts. Luckily for this fashion post, the group Beauties On Fire has selected Vintage as it’s theme for this month which certainly gives me an opportunity to sharpen my styling skills. I’m super excited to write this post and share my vintage inspired outfits. 

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Learn more about Beauties On Fire, and join the group (for free!), click here.

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Recent Purchases

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Yeah. Today is one of those days. I didn’t plan for today specifically (Don’t ask me why, I have no idea) and I’m struggling to think of what to blog about. So I decided to just share my recent purchases with you all. I found some really great deals!

Disclaimer: I am in no way attempting to brag about my purchases (I’m a frugal student who’s self-employed, I don’t have any right to brag, let’s be honest). I am just simply sharing what I found on sale. This post DOES contain affiliate links (to Amazon purchases), which means if you buy from the link I provide, I get a small percentage, at NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you for supporting Laqing In Creativity!

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Summer Office Attire and Why You Need To Layer Up!

Living in Las Vegas means scorching hot weather, drinking a lot of water, and very cool air conditioned rooms and buildings. As I write this post, it is currently 107 degrees at 1:16pm. The high for today should reach up to 111 degrees. I am currently layered up in a maxi dress and my favorite Tigger hoodie. Why?

Because I am inside my “office” and the air is on full blast and I’m quite honestly freezing!

So why aren’t you just wearing pants then, Shai? Well, I definitely could! I’ll probably put some on later to be honest. For right now, I’m comfortable in my maxi dress and I can easily take the hoodie off without changing the entire style of my outfit, if I need to go outside in the scorching heat!

Now, is my current outfit the most stylish get-up? No. Not one bit. My dress is different shades of pink and my hoodie is black with TIGGER written on it. Not stylish at all, but since I work from my grandparents house, I’m not required to dress up…or match, for this matter.

If you don’t work from home and are required to dress work-appropriate, like most people are, then I have some AWESOME tips and styles for you to rock at the office!

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