Floral Print and Red Cardigans – POSH Style


Lately, I’ve been so in love with floral prints. I recently saw some really cute Gucci shoes at Ross (they were $40! Honestly, I wish they had my size in stock) and almost cried when I had to leave without them in my hand. I also bought a few floral tops. So it’s safe to say I have a slight obsession with floral print as of recently.

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5 Ways to Wear The Gingham Style | Fall Trends

Fall is coming very soon and I hope everyone is ready for the season of spice, pumpkin everything, changing colors of leaves and tree, and windy days. I know I’m ready. I probably get too excited when Fall comes because that means cold weather, rain, Halloween, Food Day (yes, I mean Thanksgiving), and Christmas.

Bring on the fall!

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Vintage Inspired | Taking It Back with Beauties On Fire

Incorporating fashion into my blog has been a challenge for me. I love many different style types: vintage, trendy, street, high-fashion, goth, color-coordinated…so many more. Loving so many different styles and not being able to yet afford them has given me a huge complex when writing fashion posts. Luckily for this fashion post, the group Beauties On Fire has selected Vintage as it’s theme for this month which certainly gives me an opportunity to sharpen my styling skills. I’m super excited to write this post and share my vintage inspired outfits. 

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Learn more about Beauties On Fire, and join the group (for free!), click here.

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One Lovely Blog Award.

It’s official you guys, I’m making progress with my blog and it’s being noticed! I feel so accomplished and proud of myself, and most importantly, I feel thankful of the bloggers who nominated me. I was nominated for two awards but I’m going to break them up so this post won’t be too long. The first award, as the title says, the One Lovely Blog Award.

I feel so entirely honored and grateful for BOTH nominations of BOTH awards and to BOTH bloggers who nominated me! Thank you so much!

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#BeautiesOnFire Summer styles: 7 outfits perfect for the beach!


Summer came quickly this year and is leaving just as fast. How did you spend your summer? I spent mine working, crafting, and upgrading my work and myself. I’m not complaining though! I enjoy what I do and compared to my other summers, this has been the best, productively, spiritually, and emotionally.

Summer isn’t gone yet though, and as it gets closer to the fall (my favorite season because it means winter is coming), the weather is cooling down enough for comfy relaxing days and nights at the beach. Bonfires, anyone? I’ve never been to a bonfire but I dream of going to one. This is honestly one of my biggest goals on my bucket list!

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