Planner Wars: The aesthetic

Welcome to the final battle of Planner Wars. The last three battles have been intense and very close. If you have missed any of them, you can check them out here:




This week is all about the aesthetic. We had to say goodbye to Soar 2016 planner last week. It just couldn’t show its personality enough for the judges to really give it a chance.

Keep reading to see who wins the Planner Wars and who could participate in next seasons Planner Wars!

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Planner Wars: The Systems

Welcome back to Planner Wars. Last week we got to know our contestants and had an elimination. If you missed that bit, make sure you check it out here. Last weeks bit included the overall use of each planner. Passion Planner and Bullet Journal were ranked at the top with their very popular looks and composition.

This week, we are reviewing the overall system of the remaining planners. Who will be eliminated and who will stay? Keep reading to find out.

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