Grow Your Blog 2017 Planner {free printable}

Welcome back to Laqing In Creativity!! It’s been a while. Do you like the new look? I hope you do. I changed the theme three times before stumbling upon this beauty. 

During the month of December, Laqing In Creativity received a much needed change to the overall look and feel. In celebration of the new launch, I have a free printable for you and your blog, stay tuned till the end for your download!

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Having Trouble Sleeping? Try This Sleep Mask!

Hello darlings!

I’m here today with a sort of new topic (not really) and it has changed the way I sleep. If you’re like me and have shared quarters, then you may or may not get enough quality sleep.

I know for me personally shared the living room with my family and our dog, Samson, it’s a long shot at getting a good nights rest (especially when you choose to sleep on the couch).

Reader, meet Bedtime Bliss. Bedtime Bliss, this is Reader.

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The Wiz: Clyde the Scarecrow #HalloweenOutfit

Hello babies! I know I was absent for like an entire week and I truly apologize. I was sick and literally could barely get out of the bed but I am now better and back to business! I missed you all so much!!!!

Since Halloween is coming up I wanted to create a post about that. What are you going to be for Halloween? What are your plans?

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