Taking It Back Retro Style #BeautiesOnFire

Welcome back babies! It’s Thursday and that means I have another Beauties On Fire post for you all! If you would like to see all the posts regarding Beauties On Fire click this link, it will open in another window ๐Ÿ™‚

This weeks theme was very inspiring for me. I had so many looks that I wanted to go with. 80’s hair and big hoops. Red lips and Cat eye. T-shirt and Muscles. Huge lashes and too much blush. The theme? Retro Style.

My chosen look was going to be a mix of 80’s hair, big hoops, and red lips with a cat eye but things turned out different, thanks to my new Morphe Palette I received the day I created this look! You know how you get something new and you’re so excited to use it so you do exactly that whether you needed to or not? That was me with the palette haha.

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Back To School with Shea Moisture #BeautiesOnFire

Welcome to another week of Beauties On Fire! This weeks winning theme is Back to school. I’ve wanted to do something like this forever but I’m doing something a little different. I’m reviewing a face mask from Shea Moisture and I’m taking you with me.

If you would like to look at the previous BeautiesOnFire posts, just hoover over BEAUTY tab and click on BEAUTIES ON FIRE to be taking to the tag.

This is my first time trying a face mask. I’ve always been afraid of putting things on my face (I mean I didn’t start wearing makeup until 24 and I still don’t wear it often) so yes, it took a long time for me to get courage and do this.

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Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn #BeautiesOnFire

Welcome back to another Beauties On Fire themed collaboration! If you’d like to view all the Beauties On Fire post so far, simply navigate to it by hovering over “Beauty” and the tag “Beauties on fire” will come up ๐Ÿ™‚


This weeks winning theme had me excited because I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as it won. Superheros and Villains was the winning theme and I chose two girls who are beautiful to me. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. I was never a big fan of DC so I can’t tell you these women are my absolute favorite villains but I definitely find these women beautiful and I’ve always had a crush on Poison Ivy…she’s green with red hair…is that not the perfect combination??

To see my looks and the other beauties post for this week, keep reading!

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7 Deadly Sins. Beauties On Fire Collab


Beauties On Fire is back this week with the 7 deadly sins! I have been in such a good mood since my funk last week and I had so much fun creating this post! I’m taking you all to school on what the 7 deadly sins are all about and lips the color of sin. If you would like to check out my other beauties on fire posts, I’ve added the tag under Beauty, at the top of the site!

Keep reading to get educated.

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#BeautiesOnFire Movie Edition

Today is Friday which means it’s cheat day and move night (I’m having a stay-in date with myself tonight and I plan on making this a thing). My movies to watch are Captain America and Deadpool. Which brings me to the reason I have created this post.

I’m doing a sexy date night makeup tutorial (with a video!) inspired by Deadpool.

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#BeautiesOnFire Becoming Princess Tiana

Picture from Google.com

It’s that time again! Beauties on Fire theme this time is Disney Princesses. This was my favorite theme so far, I have to be honest. I love Disney movies and although Jasmine is my favorite, Tiana is a very close runner up. I relate to Tiana because she’s black and she struggled most of her young life to make her dream come true. I have done the same and if you’ve been following me from the beginning, you’ve known that.

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How to: Pam Grier inspired look with affordable makeup! #BeautiesOnFire

Hello babies!

Remember this post about the wonderful #BeautiesOnFire collaboration I’m doing? This is our very first selected theme and we are all so excited to share our posts with you!

This theme selection is Classic Beauty and I’ve chosen Pam Grier as my inspiration! Why did I pick Pam? Because she’s fierce, she’s a bada$$, and she has a huge heart! She’s always kicking butt in her movies while staying fresh, comfortable, and beautiful.

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Beauties on Fire Collab! Initial Post.


What Beauties on Fire is:

Beauties on Fire is a brand new collaboration with a whole lot of beauties that are fierce, fine, and fired up about all things beauty and fashion. The collaboration is a link up post (which you are free to join in on, if you’d like! Just email Elisabeth:ย alittlebitofeverythingblogs@gmail.com and let her know you’d like to join) in which all the beauties in this group will post about our picked theme of the week (which will be voted on by all of our subscribers, readers, and viewers)! For example, if our readers voted on the topic of “fire,” beauty bloggers would come up with a look themed from fire and fashion bloggers would do a style themed from fire!

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