Vintage Inspired | Taking It Back with Beauties On Fire

Incorporating fashion into my blog has been a challenge for me. I love many different style types: vintage, trendy, street, high-fashion, goth, color-coordinated…so many more. Loving so many different styles and not being able to yet afford them has given me a huge complex when writing fashion posts. Luckily for this fashion post, the group Beauties On Fire has selected Vintage as it’s theme for this month which certainly gives me an opportunity to sharpen my styling skills. I’m super excited to write this post and share my vintage inspired outfits. 

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2016 Favorites #BeautiesOnFire

My first official Beauties On Fire themed post after the launch and it’s about 2016 favorites! 2016 for me was a year of huge growth and finding myself. I have a lot of progress personally and mentally, even emotionally. But 2016 was also a very stressful year for the world in general. Are you glad 2016 is ending? I am, though I am still thankful of this year too!

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