#BeautiesOnFire Movie Edition

Today is Friday which means it’s cheat day and move night (I’m having a stay-in date with myself tonight and I plan on making this a thing). My movies to watch are Captain America and Deadpool. Which brings me to the reason I have created this post.

I’m doing a sexy date night makeup tutorial (with a video!) inspired by Deadpool.

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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

So I was going to do a written review on the product, but my mind is jumbled up and everything amazing that I have in my mind just wont come out…correctly at least. So, I am going to share my video review that I have on my YouTube and let you all see my happiness for this product. The video is about 26 minutes so if you want only the review and rave about Fit Me Foundation, just skip to 12.30 in the video!

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