I have a new app for you!

This app is all about collections and sharing them with the world. The app is called Snupps (I love the logo) and it’s for Android and iOS. After signing up, the app allows you to create “shelfs” to organize your collections, then you can snap a picture, make it all pretty or not and post it to its related shelf. You can follow and discover others shelves and collections. The following quote is from the Snupps website directly.

Organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish.

I personally am a sneaker head to the fullest though I don’t own a lot yet, I’m getting there. So I follow a lot of sneaker heads on the app myself. I’ve had the app for about a week so far and I’ve had no problems with it. I installed it on my Android phone and I really like it.

You get News, Notifications, and Activity threads from the News tab on the app. An Explore tab which shows you a collection of shelves and categories that may or may not be of your interest and it allows you to search. Under the Explore tab you have My Stuff tab which takes you to your items and shelves. Then you have the default My Profile and Settings tab. There aren’t many options under settings other than Update Profile, Account Settings, Push notifications, Feedback, Rate the app and the About section for the app.

The UI for the app overall is very easy to use and navigate. It won’t take long to learn your way around it at all. If you’d like to follow me feel free! My username is lilmisslady1821.

Happy Days,


*I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by Snupps and its products or affiliates. All of my opinions are my own and are honest.*

November Goals

Hi Readers! Last month was very scary as I barely got to post! I made a schedule to post twice a week last month and didn’t get a chance to follow that at all. So this months goal for my blog is to follow last month’s goal of two posts (at least) per week! I’m […]

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Instagram for makeup??

Hello beauties and dolls! Today I have a new app I just found. Well it was sort of recommended, I was watching this lovely girl on youtube and she uses the app. I downloaded it myself as you all know I’m a beginner in makeup and so far I adore the app! It’s called MakeupSocial and […]

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First time using makeup!

First off, I want to apologize for not posting in awhile. It has been very busy and hectic lately. This post won’t be long but I just want to update my lovely followers.  I’ve been doing my college work, working on my bakery, and practicing my makeup application and video tutorials. I’ve bought some drugstore […]

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Accepting my Puff

I had my first perm/relaxer at around 10 years old if memory serves me correct. I’ve kept relaxers in until I was 21-22. August of 2013 was my last relaxer and now I am completely natural. It has been a complete journey. I’m still learning my hair and how to care for it! There have been […]

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Okay, so this is my first blog post about beauty and makeup so bare with me here. I’m nervous about doing this right. I found an app that one of my favorite beauty gurus from YouTube suggested a few weeks ago and I’ve been in love with it since. I am still researching and looking […]

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We have scones!

For a few years my mother has asked me to make her scones. I put it off all the time thinking they were too difficult to make. Turns out they’re extremely easy. I followed a recipe from a youtube video but added my own twist and turns and they turned out perfect. Considering I don’t […]

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3 new goals for the blog.

I have started my second blogging course, blogging201 and our first assignment is to create 3 goals for my blog. When I really think about it, my blog, for once, is actually doing really well. It’s not where I want it yet but I get activity on every post I make now. That is an […]

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Gods Word: Putting in the hard work

Growing up I was never as close to God as I am now. It was for numerous reasons. My entire 23 years of life has been in poverty or poor. Never were we rich or middle class. It was always hard and we always lived pay check to pay check. Now that I have started my […]

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