Fit Girls lifestyle Program & Progress update #CGGS

Hello! I am updating my posting days, if you haven’t noticed last week. My previous post days were Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I have a new site I am working on and since I have re-branded the new site, I am also updating my posting days now to get my readers accustomed to the new post days. My new post days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Now getting into this weeks CGGS update, I have joined Fit Girls! If you don’t know what Fit Girls is, it is a lifestyle weight loss program. I have been following this program for a while now and I finally decided to take the plunge when they dropped their prices by half, on black Friday!

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Persimmon Cookie Recipe #CGGS

Hello loves!

This week for Chubby Girls Get Skinny, I want to give you a recipe. It’s not the healthiest thing (I mean, it’s a cookie after all) but it’s perfect for holidays coming(all of my posts lately have been holiday related, can you tell I’m excited??)!

From the recipe, this cookie is only 95 calories…though I really think that’s highly incorrect but hey, it’s great to think!

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How to Penny Pinch Your Way Through Christmas.

If there’s one thing I don’t know, it’s how to save money. I don’t go spending ridiculously buuuut I do buy things when I want and sometime I shouldn’t. These last two months I’ve improved very much on saving and budgeting myself better. However, with the holidays coming up, I wanted to make and follow a guide to save money and make sure I stay on budget.

With the holiday season coming soon a lot of people are going to be buying and gifting quite a bit. That gets expensive! Last year for Christmas I spent well over what I originally planned and though my friends and family were thankful and happy, my bank account was not! While there are some things you just can’t avoid (like shipping fees to friends in other states/countries), there are many other options to save money and still give what you originally planned, without making your wallet or bank account cry.

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My Favorite Workouts #CGGS

Hello loves! With Thanksgiving and seasonal holidays coming up, it’s important to stay on track with eating right and working out. I know I have to make staying healthy a priority especially around this time with all the good foods that will be made and prepared.

As you know, I struggle with keeping weight off. This year I am making plans to stay fit, stay energized, and not neglect myself of the goodies and treats coming around. So I gathered my favorite workouts that I do and wanted to share them with you! They range from Yoga, toning, cardio, and total body and from 8 minutes to 45 minutes so you can get ANY of these workouts done in your busy busy days!

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Rose Gold Holiday Makeup #Tutorial

Hello Lovelies! Beauties On Fire is taking a small break this week but don’t worry! We’re coming back on the 17th!

I haven’t done a beauty post in a while so I wanted to get one done anyway. I was inspired by my watch actually.

This blog post is picture heavy and includes affiliate links.
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