Free & Cheap Spring Break Ideas for The West Coast

Spring break doesn’t start for Vegas students until April 7th but worry not, families and senior students are planning their breaks already. I wish I was planning mine too but being an online student with a year-round schedule, and a starting entrepreneur, doesn’t allow me to have a week long vacation. Not yet, at least 🙂

The struggle around the world has been real for years it seems and times are hard! People are learning all types of ways to save money, reuse things, make money, sell old things…the list goes on. That shouldn’t put a damper on your spring break vacation though! 

Living on the West Coast of USA comes with a lot of beaches, hot sunny weather and amusement parks. But we want to save our money and still have an awesome Spring break vacation right? Here are a few things you can do while visiting the west coast that are super cheap or free!

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Hopes and Prayers in California

I would like to talk about my trip to California. I went this past Memorial weekend with my mom and my brother and it was…hell. We went to Los Angeles, for my brothers audition with The Voice at the LA Convention center.

I don’t have pictures for you because it was so hectic. I didn’t vlog out there either like I had planned to do. Getting on with the experience.

We had everything planned out: the rental car, the room, and our plans. We were going to go to the beach that Friday and relax, have some dinner, then get sleep, wake up, go to his audition, go back to the beach for a few hours, then head home.

Well the first mishap was the rental car. It didn’t go through for various reasons so we had no choice but to take my grandfathers truck. Now, “Red” (this is the trucks name) has not been out of Vegas for years now and hasn’t been kept up very well either. There are a lot of problems with Red, so my brother was rightfully worried and stressed about that alone. We didn’t want to miss his audition though so we took Red on a hope and Prayer. Because of the rental car mishap and Red’s quick-at-the-last-minute-oil-change, we didn’t leave Vegas until about 4pm. So we reached LA around 9pm. We were dead tired. No beach. Thankfully, we made it to LA safe and sound (on one tank of gas that only took $40, praise Jesus), and got our room. There was nothing wrong with the room and it was actually very very nice. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at LAX. It was pretty crowded but I think a lot of other The Voice auditioners were there too (I may or may not have just made up my own word).

We slept wonderfully on the plush beds and got a good nights rest. The morning we wake around 5 and begin to shower and pack because we knew we were leaving that morning. We packed all the important stuff and left the hotel at 6:19am. We left a few small things behind, but we had plans to come back and get them before checkout which was at noon.

We reached The Convention Center near the Staples Center and my brother got in to do his audition. We got there at 6:50am, and were told (as we expected), that it would take hours for him to come out. My brother is 18 years old so my mom and I couldn’t go in with him. We made plans to go back to the hotel and get the rest of our stuff, checkout and then window shop at the Downtown Fashion District.

Well. God had other plans. When we reached the truck that was in the Convention Center Garage, the truck wouldn’t start. At first, I thought my mom was joking around. She wasnt. I immediately became frustrated because that could only mean one thing, the battery was dead. Neither me nor my mom had the finances to fix a battery so I was at my wits end. After about 30 minutes of complaining about my problems and praying that God gets us back to Vegas safely, I remember I have roadside assistance with my credit card, now that I could afford. So I called them. It took 4 calls to finally get some help. I then had to call the hotel and tell them my situation and check out over the phone. Because of this, we couldn’t go get the rest of our stuff. Thank God we got the importance out!

The tow truck mechanic arrived around 10:30am (yes we were stuck in the garage frustrated from 8am to 10am), but then he called and asked where we were parked. I kept telling him the address that we were given, which was 1201…he was parked there, he swore up and down he was parked at that exact location. So he tells me to come meet him so he can drive back and I show him where the truck is. I walk a few blocks and finally find him parked where? Directly at 1201… we were at 1301. SMH No wonder we were so confused.

We reached our truck and as I was trying to get out of the mechanic’s truck, I got stuck. I was so flustered by this point that I couldn’t even find the door handle to open the damn door. I was embarrassed because the mechanic laughed at me but after all that I had been through on this trip, I had no choice but to laugh with him. Eventually I found my way out and he fixed Red. The battery, as it turned out, was not at all dead, there was a wire that wasn’t attached to the battery which gave the truck absolutely no power. I paid $70 to have a wire tightened and put back on the battery, with a wrench…I could have done that myself and saved money but I was still grateful the truck was fixed.

My mom and I didn’t want to chance going anywhere else and having the same thing or something worse happen so we decided to walk around the area we were located. We went across the street to the Staples Center and I felt all emotional because Michael Jackson worked there and I’m a huge fan of him, not to mention that’s where his memorial was held.

Around noon, my brother called and told us he was done. We get to the truck and tell him what happened with us. All of us are a little tired, grateful, and ready to be back in Vegas. We fill up the truck again, only $35 this time, and we made it safely back home to Vegas.

Do I have a point with this story? Well, you can take what you want from it, but I want to also say this: whenever you’re trying to find success in anything (business and singing in this situation) the road to success is never easy and will take sacrifice and being uncomfortable. That’s just the way it goes. We learned our lesson and trusted in God, and He kept us safe, fed, and healthy.

Overall, it was an experience that I will not forget for a long time.


Safe travels and big success!