Blogging after experiencing a loss | Monday Mindset

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I think I’ve found an answer. In January, I lost my grandmother to a 4-month battle with cancer, after losing a cousin to unknown reasons two weeks earlier, in December. It broke my spirit, changed my view of the world and myself, and gravely confused me. This was also my first time experiencing a death from close loved ones. The question that kept eating away at me was how do I get back to blogging after experiencing a loss?

I’ve been asking myself this question every day after my grandmothers funeral. And every time I ask myself this question, I can never find the answer. However! After almost 3 months of not even looking at my blog, I’ve decided it’s been long enough. I got into blogging not knowing anything, whereas now, I have knowledge of blogging so why was it so hard to get back to blogging after experiencing a loss?? 

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Cedarwood Shampoo Review with Maple Holistics + GIVEAWAY

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My hair can be my crown or my worse enemy. I clipped my ends maybe a year ago and I still have the whole frizz and dry scalp problem. Yes, products I’ve tried are helping so I am grateful for that. However, I really think I need a big chop. Start new and fresh. Big chops scare the hell out of me. How much would I have to chop off? What styles would I be able to create? My head is way too round and big for a close shave. I’m just being honest. To help me with caring for my hair and feeding it the nutrients it needs, I have partnered with Maple Holistics and I’m going to share my cedarwood shampoo review with you!

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Holiday Gifts & The Beauty Blogger Brunch

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Families are looking into their bank accounts and kids are counting the change in the piggy bank to start Christmas Shopping. Or you’re looking at your bank account crying remembering the joy of buying the gifts for your loved ones. The holidays are here and it’s personally one of my favorite times of the year. Thanks to the Beauty Blogger Brunch I recently attended, I have Neiman Marcus The Christmas Book in my arsenal!

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Sweetest Day with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers

Happy Friday Y’all! This week has been quite stressful for me which is why Wednesday’s post is now happening today. I took a little break from social media this past Wednesday due to the stress in my personal life. But it feels like another break will be coming soon. I need to mention two people who have been a huge help to me this week before we get started on the Sweetest Day event at Ethel M. Chocolates. Those are people are God and Annie Spano (founder of Style Collective).

Why am I thanking them? God is getting my thanks for obvious reasons, He is my savior, my provider, my strength, and everything else. I am thanking Annie for creating style collective. This week’s Style Collective emails have included amazing content for bloggers and influencers and Annie never forgets to encourage all the members of Style Collective to keep fighting and keep pushing through. Because of my stress and troubles this week, God and Annie’s words have helped me fight through this week.

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