Chubby Girl Gets Skinny: Hello Lovely! Initial post

Weight-loss/Healthy lifestyle Journey

Hello Dolls and Kens! Today I wanted to speak and introduce a personal part of my life with you. I have been speaking with Elisabeth at Everything & Nothing about her wonderful weight loss posts and she inspired me to make and share my own! She has been so sweet and accepted my request to join her and collaborate with her on this journey! Make sure you check her posts out, she’s very inspiring!

To give you some background, I went through an awful experience at the age of 6 and began to eat my fears and stress away. I have been a big girl since then. I have tried many times to workout and eat right but it never went through. My heaviest weight was 230lbs. I am only 5’2 so that is obesity for me. I was devastated hearing that word, I was 15 when I heard it from the doctor and I vowed to get healthier. Well, I haven’t stopped my journey, but I havent had much difference either. I will admit that I have lost some weight. I am currently at 215lbs, which is good, but I am 24 years old…it shouldn’t have taken me this long to lose that little amount of weight. I am working out daily, starting small as I have an irregular heartbeat (so I can’t put too much stress on my heart).

I will be posting a weekly summary every Sunday of how I did during the week!


Heaviest weight: 230lbs                                Largest size: 18-20

Current weight: 215lbs                                  Current Size: 16-18

“Healthy range”: 104 to 135

Current BMI: 39.3


Goal Weight: 135-148lbs

Goal size in clothing: 8-10, medium.

To live and enjoy life. I want to be healthy but not deny myself of tasty treats. I want to show my family and future children that being healthy is about being confident and doesn’t require you to be a size 0.

Weekly Review: 

  • Sunday:
    • I had my Tofu Scramble with bacon for breakfast.
    • Panera Bread: Full Chicken Avocado salad with full size creamy chicken and wild rice soup. Both came with a side of their french baguette (that is my weakness, I promise you omg).
      • Rest Day
  • Monday:
    • I forgot what I had. I didn’t log this day.
      • Walked a mile
  • Tuesday:
    • Banana Shake
    • Oven fried Chicken thighs, brussel sprouts, mashed potatos. Very small portions, 1 small thigh. I wasn’t feeling so great this day.
      • walked and jogged for about 10 minutes


  • Wednesday:
    • Tofu Scramble with bacon. Coconut water.
    • Leftover Oven Fried Chicken thighs (2 small thighs), brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes.
    • Sloppy Joes (1 sloppy joe burger)
      • Jogged around the block. About 10 minutes. Slow pace.


  • Thursday:
    • Bananas and cream oatmeal w/a spoonful of PB and some chia seeds.
    • Banana PB Shake, lays chips, one whole avocado (I had a weird craving for this)
    • Panera Bread: Full Chicken Caesar Salad with french baguette
      • Jogged about 10 minutes. Slow pace.


  • Friday:
    • Avocado with toast (2 slices of wheat bread), black pepper.
    • Banana PB Shake with chia seeds
    • Chicken Nuggets and Curly Fries (frozen)
      • Jogged about 7 minutes. Medium pace.


  • Saturday:
    • Strawberries and cream oatmeal (2 packs) made with almond milk.
    • Mango smoothie with a handful roasted sea salt almonds.
    • Grilled BBQ Hot Dogs (2) with a layz wavy plain chips.
      • Aerobics & Jogged. 30 minutes total. Burned 301 calories.


I did better this week than I have in a very long time. I pushed myself and went further and I actually feel great. My legs are sore but my body feels really good. I had some not-so-healthy foods this week but I didn’t have much of a choice on those select days. I did try to stay well portioned though!

Photos for the foodies!


Don’t forget to check out Elisabeths’ CGGS Journey!

Happy Days!



I wrote this essay a few months ago for a scholarship I wanted to apply for. I changed my essay completely for the scholarship but didn’t get rid of this one because I really like it. It makes me feel good about myself and reminds me that I am only human. I can only take so much and put only so much. Please enjoy.

Entrepreneurship: Confidence in the World

            The introduction is always the hardest part. I never know how to get my point across before actually stating the point. In 2011, I began my journey of baking. It became a passion for me and eventually my family pushed me into sharing my baked goods. Once I realized that my baked goods were different enough to share publicly, I tried to do just that; share them. My grandparents, my auntie, and my parents are the only ones that were actually requesting my cookies and willing to buy them or pay for them. I offered free samples as birthday gifts to a few friends and they have praised my goods but they haven’t come back to order any more. I worried constantly about what was wrong with my cookies and cakes until I realized that it had nothing to do with my baked goods, it was my confidence that was lacking. Nobody wants to give their money to someone who doesn’t have confidence in themselves. Not even I would want to do that. Sure, I would give advice, I would help promote others, I would give them the confidence and compliments they might need to hear, but would I invest in them? No.  There wasn’t any assurance in myself or my work and that was showing every time I asked “Did you really like it? Do you really think others will like it? Would you buy this?” Starting a business needs confidence, hard work, and determination. In order to pull myself out of poverty and become successful, I am learning this and embedding it into my everyday life.

April 3rd, 2015. That was the day I opened my business, Shai’s Bakery, online. For years I planned my business, expecting and wanting it to flourish within a month due to all the word-of-mouth promotion I was giving on my social media. I didn’t realize until a month later of being opened that I was lacking considerably in my promotion. I had extremely high expectations and didn’t put in the hard work that needed to go with it. My family and close friends praise my work and honor my taste and quality but my grandmother and parents are the only people who’ve actually bought my baked goods. That I am grateful for but it is also a huge disappointment in myself, in my work.

“Believe in yourself. You are the only person who has the ability to radically change your life. Focus on your time and energy on increasing your belief in what is possible for you, building your skills and creating a network of achievement focused relationships.” This quote by Les Brown (2015, Facebook) gave me a huge amount of inspiration. It was actually what inspired me to write this topic for my essay. Believing in yourself is one of the hardest things you can do in life. I know this personally. In high school, I gave up on life and contemplated suicide many times. Thankfully, I never had the guts to actually attempt it, though I did develop a slight addicted to pain killers. My confidence now isn’t perfect or the best it can be but I am much better than I was in high school. I stopped worrying about what people thought of me and my life. I started living for myself and not others. All of my relationships have changed. I don’t even talk to the people who I considered to be my best friends anymore. I now surround myself with friends and those alike who want to succeed in life and not just party all the time or be in a relationship because it’s a trend. That’s not what I’m worried about.

I want to work hard while I’m young and able, then relax when I’m older. When all my children are in high school or going off to college, I want to travel and experience the world in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I want to retire at 60 but still have a wealthy income coming in every month to provide for my family. In order to be healthy enough to retire at 60, I have to work hard in getting my eating habits and lifestyle healthy. Success starts from within, being healthy physically will help me endure the long work hours when baking a wedding cake for a customer, or standing all day when I have an order for 50 dozen cookies. Losing weight has been my biggest challenge but it incorporates itself into the determination of a successful business. When you work hard to keep your lifestyle healthy, you’re more equipped to work hard in other areas of your life, accomplishing what you want.

All in all success isn’t just for businesses. It’s taken me a long time to figure that out but once I realized it, I knew I could do anything I put my mind to. When people tell you “anything is possible,” it’s so true. I struggled with my confidence in myself, working to please others and living to their expectations of me. Now I am confident in my work, and am working to please myself and live to my expectations. I set my own pace and records and whether I meet them or not, I know that as long as I never give up, that as long as I keep trying, my determination will always pay off for the better.




Prince The Singer.

Prince was announced dead at Paisley Park this morning. Prince was sent to the hospital earlier this week for the flu. Later on his sourced claimed he was fine then this morning he passed away.
I wanted to not believe it as the first few reports from were saying there was a death investigation but police werent saying anything until the family was notified then it was confirmed.
I was never that big of a Prince fan but i loved some of his music and i have very close friends who are huge friends of him. I immediately began to feel for them. I experienced the passing of an idol in 2009 when Michael Jackson passed away. That broke my heart and left me crying everyday for a good 3 months. Not even exaggerating. Then Whitney houston passed. I was heartbroken again. Now that Prince is gone i feel devastated. The biggest thing i can think about is all of our legends are going home and we wont have anyrhing but their memory and music to guide us through life now.

Im grateful for the few legends we still have with us: Aretha Franklin. Patti Labelle. Gladys Knight. Chaka Khan. Diana Ross. Those ladies inspire me and encourage me and i know their deaths will be just as hard. But after that…there wont be anymore legends, for me personally, that will guide me. It will only be their music and memory. That makes me so sad.

Its hard losing anyone, including pets. But its a part of life. Though we hurt. We must continue their legacy through the next generation so that they may live on.

I send my condolences to Prince’s family and all those hurt by his death.
Rest in Paradise, Prince.


24 and confused

I think I am having a twenties-mid-life-crisis.

From 18 years old I was so sure of what I wanted to do, I had a lot of dreams, many different careers but they all led to owning a business. I still have those dreams but which one should I focus on more? I wish I knew. I wish my mind knew. I wish my heart knew. Because none of them know the answer. I just want a business of my own.

I know that I want a restaurant, I know that I want my bakery, I know that I want a graphic design business(I mean, I’m going to school for graphic design and computer information technology), and I also know that I want my own clothing line, I also want to do a lot of non-profit businesses. I want my name to be a brand. I want to be a brand. But I don’t want the limelight either. I want people to know of me but know that I do my work behind the scenes. Yet, I want to be the owner, the CEO, the creator, the Queen of my Empire….see my problem?

I am working in school, I have my YouTube channel to brand my name, and I am still working(behind the scenes) on Shai’s Bakery. Even though my bakery isn’t really noticed by the world yet, that’s my baby and I’m proud of myself for keeping it this long because let me tell you, there have been many times I’ve thought to take it off the radar until I could revamp it only because nobody really paid it any mind. I am considering, now that this revelation has come to me, that maybe I should change my major and minor to business and entrepreneurship. It would make sense.

I can learn all the rest of the details on my own like I have been doing but the business aspect of things, I just can’t learn without experience. I need the foundation set out for me where I can come back to it as needed.

This post has been enlightening for me, I started writing it as a rant and in a confused and frustrated state but now I have actually found the insight I was looking for and am now feeling much more calm and directed.

If you have any good vibes and advice you’d like to offer on my situation right now and what I should/plan/want to do…please let me know. I appreciate all comments and would love to hear some positive thoughts and advice in my life.

Hakeem & Cookie (spoilers!)

What can I even say about Empire? I was hooked from the first trailers of the show and the first episode. The music mogul family and their drama has returned last night to FOX channel.

When the last season ended, I didn’t feel very interested in the show. Now I have been a fan of Cookie and she has been the star for me personally, but I felt the show was getting slightly repetitious. When the show came back last night, I was grateful that it started with Cookie beating her youngest son, Hakeem like the very first season started with. I was glued from there on.

Rhonda, Andre’s wife, saved herself (kudos to Rhonda using the cellphone to start her alarm!) but when taken to the hospital, found out she had lost the baby. Shady Anika had the nerve to visit her and ask what happened. SMH. The shadiness that is Anika is so horrible. I never really liked Rhondas character but I felt for her when she lost her baby. Andre, once again had a mental breakdown and I can’t even begin to blame him. Who wouldn’t suffer greatly after a horrific accident like that?

Jamal is now in a state of bisexuality. There is nothing wrong with that and he’s still doing great with his music career. You go, Jamal!

Hakeem. What is there really to say about this one? He seems to always be in trouble with his parents in one way or another. Hakeem has voted his father out of the company and gave the company to his girlfriend, Camille. He then was voted, or rather he took the title of CEO, once Camille was in control. I personally don’t think Hakeem should have that power and control of the business. I think he’s way too immature for something this big. He has shown his ignorance of the business and the truth of running a business like this many times before. I think he’s too proud and selfish to truly run the business and have a successful term while running it.

Cookie wants to keep the business within the family, even if that means getting Lucious back at the top (personally I want Cookie herself to own her company again) and I can’t blame her. I’d rather have the business in the hands of the family than some woman who’s out to hurt my family and separate them, if I were in Cookies position.

In the previews of next episode, we see Anika being rushed to the hospital. My first thought was Rhonda got her revenge. I am amped and excited to find out who exactly has caused injury to Anika. It might be someone that has nothing to do with Rhonda. I won’t be shocked if so. Karma is a bitch, afterall. Andre is seen questioning Rhonda about whether or not she has been cheating on him ( I bet she was, I felt that she was cheating from the first time I saw her! ) and her reply gave me my answer. She cheated. Lucious came after Hakeem with a challenge and threat. Stating that since Hakeem didn’t kill his father for the title of their business, Hakeem needs to now watch his back because Lucious will stop at nothing to get his throne back.


If you watched the show I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new season and what you expect to see!


Stay lovely, Stay happy, Stay Positive.


Free App! The Fabulous-Motivate Me.

Hi dolls and kens! I’m back with an app review for you. Before I get into the main post I do want to say thank you to all of my followers and for sticking around with me even though I am not yet as active as I would like to be on here. You guys are awesome and you keep me going!


Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-13-20 The Fabulous – Motivate Me app is a great habit tracker. Now, I have tried tracking my habits on my own in my bullet journal and I have not been very successful. I am more a visual type of learner and I like to see my progress laid out in a very simple yet adorable fashion and I do not yet have the patience nor creativity to do so in my bullet journal. Where am I going with this information? This app. It’s so simplistic but so beautiful. While I believe it is geared more for the women who want to live healthier mentally, physically, emotionally, I don’t consider it so ‘girly’ that men aren’t able to use the app as well.

Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-39-48 This is your homepage. I have been using the app for about 4 days now so I have more notifications (not too many though!). As you can see, it tells me what actions I need to take in order to be successful in my daily habit goals, for a great breakfast, I need to go to the store and buy fruits and eggs for the week( for my morning protein). This action did come automatic once I chose to accept the “great daily breakfast” challenge but I am glad that it did because I don’t have enough fruits and eggs for the week, so as long as I open my phone daily and check my notifications, I’ll be reminded to get said groceries. If you don’t need or want this notification you can definitely swipe it away (these cards are very much like Google Cards where you can swipe what you’ve read or don’t want so it’s very easy).

Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-39-59 Still on the homepage, you get these beautiful little letters. They do have some length to them but I had no problem reading the full letter and I enjoyed it. It is personalized to your name (which is pretty much the only thing you have to input as you first use the app, and your email unless you want to create a profile then you just enter in a password and you’re done. Honestly this app is so simple. I love it) and your habits or challenges that you chose to follow.

Screenshot_2016-02-22-07-40-24 Right now I am taking the “Feel more energized” challenge which includes drinking water first thing in the morning. Now this is something that I have been doing already but I haven’t been doing it consistently. This app helps me to track it daily and helps me prepare the night before by reminding me to place a bottle in clear view or my vision and to keep a bottle of water near me so that when I wake up, it is the first thing I see. I also accepted the challenge to eat a great breakfast daily, which basically says ‘eat protein to keep you full until lunch time’. I was skeptical of this challenge but I promise you guys since I started it(only about 3 days ago), I literally have been full from 7am (my usual wake up time) to noon(my usual lunch time). I do drink water in between those times which also helps curb my appetite but the protein thing works great too and I feel much more energized.

Now, if you’ve been looking at my screen shots I have provided, you’ll notice a little spaceship in the bottom right corner of the homepage. This is what you will click to tell the app you have completed your goals for the day or this is where you go to ‘get fabulous’. Once you click on “Make me fabulous,” it takes you to the, yep, you guessed it, “make me fabulous” page! There you can follow yoga instructions, take a motivated power nap, meditate, exercise, and follow a guided stretch plan.


I have only done the exercise and meditate guides so far and I really like them. In the meditate card, you have the option to do 3 Breather meditations and one Bell Only Meditation. The Breather meditations include one 5 minute and two 10 minute sessions. Each one with a guided calm and soothing voice to help you along if you need it, if not, go ahead and mute your phone. I personally like to hear the voice calmly instructing my mind to take a break and experience inner being life. As far as the exercise card, I have used it twice so far and it tracks how long I work out and then adds it to my calendar within the app. I haven’t paid much attention to this card yet but I do plan on using it more and paying more attention to it to see what it offers.

Alrighty folks, I think this is long enough and more than enough information to give you and idea of whether or not the app is worth trying out. My honest opinion is yes, download this baby and take full advantage of it, it is free anyways so what do you have to lose??

You can find this on the google play store or sign up for a email when it is available on iOS.



Happy Blogging babies!



** I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by The Fabulous and it’s affiliates. All images except the featured image are my own screenshots. All rights belong to The Fabulous and it’s affiliates. This is just my personal recommendation of the app and it’s use.**


Bucket list! 30 goals before I’m 30.

Hello loves!

I’m here tonight with a bucket list post. I’ve been planning new blog ideas to complete and this is one of them. I am going to do exactly what the title implies: list 30 bucket list goals that I want to do before I’m 30 years old. I’m 24 years old now so that gives me only 7 years to complete these goals. Now I have to remind myself that what doesn’t get completed or reached doesn’t mean I am a failure or the world will end(figuratively speaking) but that I just have more time to complete the unfinished! So let’s get into this list. I won’t have much text because reading 30 items is quite a bit for some folks so I’m going to keep it simple and to the point (I also want to point out that this list is NOT in any specific order).

  1. Participate in a color run.
  2. Visit Paris (I actually want to do this for my 30th birthday).
  3. Become a mommy!
  4. Watch the sunrise/sunset on the beach (I have not done this yet omg).
  5. Practice yoga on the beach in the morning
  6. Run a mile on the beach
  7. Graduate college (anticipated grad so far is 2019)
  8. Buy a house (no finance!)
  9. Host a 4th of July fireworks show at my home.
  10. Have Christmas at my house.
  11. Get married (I am so iffy with this but I’m really praying God provides me with the man He created for me or the marriage thing wont work, I know myself lol)
  12. Visit Disney World
  13. Learn a new language and speak it fluently(enough to get around a foreign place at least)
  14. Buy a pair of Louboutin
  15. Have my own physical store for Shai’s Bakery
  16. Pay for a stranger’s groceries(anything to “pay-it-forward” really)
  17. Build a Gingerbread House (I literally have not done this yet and I don’t even think I’ve tried yet omg)
  18. Visit NO during Mardi Gras
  19. Have a professional photo shoot
  20. Adopt a puppy
  21. Start a new tradition(or habit)
  22. Go whale watching
  23. Visit Times Square
  24. Have a closet that resembles a Boutique( I highly suggest googling pictures for this because if you are a closet girl like myself you will love it).
  25. Film and direct a music video
  26. Find a new church
  27. Have a developed healthy lifestyle
  28. Send Mom on a cruise
  29. Throw my brother a surprise 21st
  30. Go to a drive in movie


Being a Shy Introvert.

I want to try something new. That something new is going to be talking about Thing’s I’ve Learned. Being a shy introvert is my first topic since it is so familiar to me.

I’ve been shy all my life but it got really bad when I started Vallejo Jr High, middle school. I started school alone, all my friends went to another school and I had to make friends all over again. I felt lost. I didn’t speak to anyone, I only smiled when someone smiled at me first (which was very rare at that school) and I actually never made friends there. I attended Vallejo Jr for only 3 months as in October of that year, my family and I moved out to Vegas. When we finally came out here, school was even worse for me. I truly had no friends, lost contact with my previous elementary friends, and knew absolutely no one out here.

People at school took my shyness as a form of arrogance or being mean. It wasn’t just kids at school but everyone I seemed to run into took it that way. I have to admit, even I take one’s shyness that way but then I remember how I am and I quickly correct myself and my thoughts.

I wanted to be included in all the clubs, activities, and get-togethers at school and outside of school but I never spoke up because I was way too shy for that. That, and nobody ever offered me to join.


The rest of this post will be mostly pictures that I can fully 100% relate to. I hope you have a good laugh reading these because I sure did.


I cried laughing at the roll call meme, I did that every class. That one and the one about coughing speaks to me on a spiritual level, okay? I have a connection with those two lol


Well that’s the end of it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed!

Stay happy, love, live, laugh, be the best person you can be.





*all pictures and tweets, except the featured image, is from google. The featured image was created by me*

“You’re beautiful but you’re too fat”

I have to laugh at the title. It’s always amazed me when I hear that from people. Can’t really say I’ve heard it from friends too because I’ve always been the fat girl. Every time I turn a guy down, he comes back at me with something along the lines of “you’re too fat” ” you need to lose some weight” ” you’re ugly anyways” but I love how my weight never mattered as you approached me very much sarcasm here by the way.

Why do some men feel like that’s the correct way to ‘get back’ at a fat girl when she turns him down? I mean, do they think we think we are not fat? Do they feel like we will cry and beg for them to accept us just because we are fat? I wish a man would think that about me. I have come a damn long ways of finding my self confidence in my body and looks and I refuse to give it up just because your feelings are hurt.

I am not obligated to bow down to you just because I am a fat girl. I am not obligated to feel like you are my only option. I am not obligated to lower my standards because I am a fat girl. I will never again feel bad for being fat. Yes there are some places I want to work on, which I am. But will you telling me that I am fat get me down? Maybe in my teen years when I was lost and had no esteem. But not now, buddy. As my mother always said, ” I can lose my weight but you can’t lose your ugly.”

It’s just so amusing to me that men think fat girls are obligated to accept any man that finds interest in us. We are not obligated to anybody but ourselves. We are obligated to love ourselves. We are obligated to care for ourselves, take ourselves out to dinner, show ourselves a good time, and again, love ourselves. If we can’t do that, we damn sure shouldn’t expect it from some man who will probably end up abusing us in some way, shape, or form if he has the mentality that we are obligated to respect him just because we are fat. 

To my fat girls, if you feel offended for me using the term ‘fat’ please don’t be. I don’t mean it in a bad way in any way, shape, or form. I have come to terms with my weight and I know I’m fat. I’m not going to deny it. Yes it can be a harsh word when used wrong but when used correctly, it’s cute. Fat is cute. What matters is your attitude, personality, and heart. Not our weight. We all have someone out there that will love us and our fat. And he or she will be blessed with our love and loyalty when the time is right.

Blessed to be fat,


Accepting my Puff

I had my first perm/relaxer at around 10 years old if memory serves me correct. I’ve kept relaxers in until I was 21-22. August of 2013 was my last relaxer and now I am completely natural. It has been a complete journey. I’m still learning my hair and how to care for it!

There have been many times that I wanted to go back to the relaxer since it was easier to manage my hair with it in but the reason I stopped relaxing was because my hair has literally not grown in over 10 years. My bangs grow quickly when I cut them, but the rest of my hair? It takes forever. I haven’t big chopped but I’m thinking of doing so this season so that my hair can become fully healthy again. I just clipped my ends (literally less than an inch of hair) this past Monday and I didn’t freak out so I’m going to cut the rest of my bad ends so my hair can grow better and love me more. I’m still learning hairstyles for natural women as well. My go-to is a twist out. I practically live by those.

On good notes, my hair actually has grown in the past month that I’ve done nothing to it. Seriously guys, I was moving, sick, tired and I didn’t do anything to my hair. Nothing. and it grew noticeably. I guess when they say “leave it alone and let it grow” they mean it.

My products that I use are please ignore the background. I’m limited on space.

Not pictured are my shampoo and conditioner which is Pantene for relaxed/natural hair.IMG_2664-2

I’ve been really loving my hair lately and here is a picture of it in its natural state.

image3the length surprised the hell out of me to be honest. I didn’t expect it to be such a difference! This is my hair freshly washed also. No conditioner or any products in it. My hair is died so I think that’s why there seems to be a difference in my curl pattern from root to ends, but I am happy with my puff all around (and yes, this is me with no makeup)!

Happily Natural,