Great Self-Care Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

This year my Mother decided not to celebrate Mother’s day as it will be her first without her mother. It’s weird knowing we aren’t going to celebrate it. I love my mother so I still want her to be as happy as possible this Mother’s day and decided to help her with some self-care ideas. If you or your Mother are having a hard time this Mother’s Day, don’t worry! I have a quick guide containing great self-care ideas for Mom this Mother’s day! 

I’ve come up with my favorite products for the Creative Mom, the Mentally Positive Mom, and the Physical Mom!

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Flower Child at Rampart Commons

I love having a good time eating great food and having a great conversation with friends. The way my life is set up, I need these days at least once per week! Recently I got to enjoy great food and uplifting conversations with my good friend, Graciella, at the pre-opening of Flower Child located at the Rampart Commons! 

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Meal Planning with Hello Fresh! | Friday Fusion

Happy Friday loves!

The journey of losing weight and switching to a healthier lifestyle is still going. Not much progress has even been made, I will admit. It seems like every time I get going good, a tasty loaf of bread comes my way, or my time of the month comes around and I’m eating like a savage! It never fails! 

I know that will change over time though. It took years to get here, it will probably take years to change it, but that doesn’t discourage me! In fact, it comforts me because I know I still have time to change. One way I love to get back on track of eating healthy is with meal planning! I recently used my code on Hello Fresh that came in my last FabFitFun box. I ordered two meals and paid around $14 total. Since both meals were for two people, I decided to use them for meal planning!

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7-Day Challenge | Monday Mindset

plan the ultimate summer staycation in Las Vegas

My brother recently took on a 7-day challenge to make a fresh new beat every day for one week. He took the challenge by the horns and rustled it to the ground with flying colors! I wasn’t surprised as my brother is the definition of a hard worker (and that worries me because he sometimes forgets to eat and doesn’t get enough rest). Nonetheless, he gave me the challenge to do something for my blog every day. What I did for my blog didn’t matter, as long as it was helping my career. 

My challenge was to take quality pictures every day. I went 4 days strong then slipped up on the fifth day(I was sick). It felt bad but I decided that I was going to continue the challenge, 6 days are better than none, right? Now I have pictures for my social media and blog prepared for a whole week, considering I only blog 2 to 3 times per week, that’s great! 

Now, I’m sending the challenge your way! I want YOU to come up with a 7-day challenge that is productive and healthy! It doesn’t have to relate to work. Your challenge can be to relax for 5 minutes per day, read for 20 minutes per day, pray every morning, eat one helping of veggies per day. Your challenge can literally be anything you want! Just make it productive and healthy! 

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