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What: Laqing In Creativity is a Las Vegas-based beauty & lifestyle blog that strives to help introverts find their place in the blogging world through beauty and life.

Who: I created Laqing In Creativity for people who are like me. People who have such a vivid imagination, such a wild fantasy, such an open (and honestly sometimes worrisome) view of the world that they have a hard time getting their thoughts into comprehensible words and sentences. The older I get, the more trouble I seem to have that problem. Laqing In Creativity doesn’t mean we lack in the creative space, it just means we have a harder time helping others understand our views.

Why: This blog forces me to dig deep and find my creativeness and empty it into the world of online matter. This forces me to put aside my introvert personality and make a voice for myself. Please feel free to email me about anything you may want to speak about at Brianna@laqingincreativity.com with the subject: BLOG.

About Brianna

Hello! I’m Brianna. I am the content writer, photographer, PR, and marketer behind this blog.  I am in my 20s and I am a Uni student attending Southern New Hampshire University online. I am currently learning how to speak Korean ( 안녕하세요 ). I have a love for baking, books, tea (hence my blog tagline), as well as space (astro space, universe, planets, anything that has to do with the world outside of Earth), food in general, beauty, fashion, educating, traveling, budget finds, technology, and so much more. I also blog about all of these things…well, not space…not yet at least. Who knows? I just may create a subject in this little space of mine for all things universe/space related. 

I fight for Black justice, lives, and equality but I love all races and try my best not to judge people. I am a child of God, my relationship with Him was very stretched and tried during my teens when I felt he didn’t care about me but now I am growing and learning to trust in Him. I respect all until I am given a reason not to. I am an introvert. I want to be a wife. I long to be a mother. But above all, I am a Queen: uplifting, supporting, learning, and educating women, men, and children.


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