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Sweetest Day with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers

Happy Friday Y’all! This week has been quite stressful for me which is why Wednesday’s post is now happening today. I took a little break from social media this past Wednesday due to the stress in my personal life. But it feels like another break will be coming soon. I need to mention two people who have been a huge help to me this week before we get started on the Sweetest Day event at Ethel M. Chocolates. Those are people are God and Annie Spano (founder of Style Collective).

Why am I thanking them? God is getting my thanks for obvious reasons, He is my savior, my provider, my strength, and everything else. I am thanking Annie for creating style collective. This week’s Style Collective emails have included amazing content for bloggers and influencers and Annie never forgets to encourage all the members of Style Collective to keep fighting and keep pushing through. Because of my stress and troubles this week, God and Annie’s words have helped me fight through this week.

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