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when and why you should rebrand your blog: when you're bored, when you aren't getting the interaction you want, or when you aren't excited with your website anymore

Lately, I have been bored with my blog. I’ve been trying to figure out the reason for that because I still love to blog. Sharing my thoughts and experiences with my readers is something that excites me and makes me feel good. So, why have I been bored with my blog? 

After changing my blog layout over and over again, adding and subtracting different widgets, changing my fonts, etc. I realized it’s my brand that I’m bored with. Being bored with your brand is NEVER good. If you’re bored with your brand or no longer excited to look at your website, that’s when you should rebrand

It’s obviously time for a change. When potential readers see my brand name I want them to be interested, I want their attention, I want them to actually come to my blog to read. That’s obviously not happening, as much as I want it to be. My current monthly view count is around 800, which is really great, but bounce rate? Not good. What do you want your bounce rate to look like? You want your bounce rate low. Why? It means people who come to visit your site are staying for a while because they enjoy your content. If they are leaving quickly (your bounce rate is high) then something is wrong.

when and why you should rebrand your blog: when you're bored, when you aren't getting the interaction you want, or when you aren't excited with your website anymore
My current stats for Laqing In Creativity

You can see my Pages/Sessions are low also. On average, readers only view 1.91 pages from my blog. Obviously, they aren’t finding interest here! That’s okay though because I am still learning and maneuvering my way through this whole blog-to-business ordeal! If your stats are similar to mine, it might be a good indicator for when and why you should rebrand.

This past Saturday I went to a lovely white party held at Andiron Steak & Sea. MJ, another blogger, and I began to talk about our blogs and how we’re both stuck in this confused and boring place with our work. We know we love blogging, but how do we get the readers, interaction and yes, paid opportunities to come our way? As mentioned before I’ve been thinking about this question for a while but since my talk with MJ it’s really been bothering me. Luckily I have decided to go through with my rebrand.

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see changes to my blog, I am even considering a full rebrand where I change my blog name as well. It will be an interesting yet awkward journey but! I am excited about the new look and I am excited to share with you all my progress! 

Recap on when and why you should rebrand your site

  • If you are just plain bored with your site. When you feel like this is more of a job than your dream.
  • When you are working hard and putting great content out there and promoting said content, but your stats are showing you negative things. Now don’t get me wrong, my views are great and a lot of bloggers would probably love my view count, even I love it! However, the bounce rate is so important!! It not only indicates that you’re doing right but it’s great in pitching yourself to brands and companies that you want to work with!
  • Your site just doesn’t excite you anymore. How can you expect someone else to be excited about your website if you aren’t even excited about it?! You have to fully love what you do and 90% of everything related to it! 

Let the rebrand begin!


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