Great Self-Care Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

This year my Mother decided not to celebrate Mother’s day as it will be her first without her mother. It’s weird knowing we aren’t going to celebrate it. I love my mother so I still want her to be as happy as possible this Mother’s day and decided to help her with some self-care ideas. If you or your Mother are having a hard time this Mother’s Day, don’t worry! I have a quick guide containing great self-care ideas for Mom this Mother’s day! 

I’ve come up with my favorite products for the Creative Mom, the Mentally Positive Mom, and the Physical Mom!

This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. 
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Great self-care gifts for the creative mom can include stationary items! If your mom doesn’t have a planner yet or needs a new one, now is the perfect time to get it! There are many great planners but my favorite is The Happy Planner. I love the layouts and options you get, plus it’s a great valued gift! 

I try to get the planner kits around Christmas time whenever I want to purchase them. If your mom isn’t in need of a new planner, don’t fret! You can still get her stickers and planner inserts. If she doesn’t need that, get crayons, markers, or a really good pen. Who doesn’t love a good pen? 

I get all of my stickers and inserts from either Michaels or I find free downloads on Pinterest and print them. At Michaels, I usually get sticker books for about $10 at Michaels when they are on sale for half off. Don’t forget your cute washi tape! 


When life gets tough, you need to relax. The Mentally Positive Mom will love gifts that make her feel beautiful from the inside. So think of Spa days or at home spa hours you if don’t have a lot of time! Find a relaxing playlist, get some beautiful candles, some bath soak, and get ready to relax.

My favorite ways to take care of myself include face masks, a good book or movie, some great healthy or comfort food and whitening my teeth. Yes, I include whitening as a relaxing method! A white smile is one of the main beauty points that help one feel confident and studies show that people with whiter smiles are more successful and deemed trustworthy

My favorite whitening kit is from Smile Brilliant! Their system is super easy and it never fails to give me a whiter, brighter smile when I use it. Last year, I did a full review of my experience with Smile Brilliant, so I won’t go super into detail in this post. However, Mom can whiten her teeth during her spa day (be it at home or an actual salon) and still feel relaxed. The teeth whitening trays are made to your exact tooth layout and shape so they fit like a glove, you’ll have a lisp, but you won’t really be talking during your relaxing moments anyways, right?

Smile Brilliant works for sensitive teeth too! I’m the prime example of a person with sensitive teeth. I can’t eat or drink anything too cold nor too hot. The struggle is real! 

Check out these links for more information on Smile Brilliant!

If you make any purchases use code laqingincreativity20 for $20 off! 🙂


Now by physical, I mean both exercise and beauty. These self-care ideas are for the Mom that loves taking care of her physical beauty! Think workout clothes, a new pair of running shoes, some yoga pants, you get the idea! Other great self-care ideas for Mom can be beauty subscriptions! Ipsy is my favorite by far. It’s $10 per month for 4-5 sample size beauty products that Mom can try out! You get a new cute cosmetic bag each month, can skip any months you want without any hassles, and can customize your box to be tailored to your wants.

If your mom is more into buying full-size items or loves perfumes and makeup kits, get her a Sephora Flash or Play! by Sephora subscription. Sephora Flash, to put it simply, is like Prime for Amazon. You place your order and its delivered in 2 days for free, no minimum order amount required. The best part for Sephora lovers is that Sephora Flash is only $10 per year. Play! by Sephora is more like Ipsy. You get monthly bags with 4-5 samples for $10 per month. 

I have Sephora Flash and I personally love it. I don’t buy from Sephora often but considering I’ve only paid $10 for a year of free 2-day shipping, it’s well worth it! My last order arrived in a day! I was shocked at how fast and accurate the service was. 

If you have read all the way to this point, thank you and congrats!! You now have the chance to win your own complete Whitening System Kit from Smile Brilliant

Click here to enter the $149 giveaway! 


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  1. These are all such great ideas! I was honestly just thinking about what I wanted to get for my mom this year. This post will come in very handy. 🙂

  2. Oh my heart aches for your mom. I am not close with my mom and do not celebrate normally but this year I get to celebrate with my significant other’s mom. I can’t wait. I am bursting at the seams for time with her. I also after reading your post know it is clearly time for me to go buy myself a new planner! The perfect mommies day treat to myself I think. Hope you enjoy your weekend and happy blogging to you.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that!! But I’m glad you’re excited to spend it with your significant others’ mom 🙂 have fun!! And yes! A new planner is a must for me lol happy early Mother’s Day!

  3. Nice you have given ideas for every kind of mom. I am more of the creative kind of mom so your ideas would be wonderful.

  4. You provided some really great ideas here. I know your mother isn’t celebrating but personally just knowing my kids love me on Mother’s Day is all I need to hear so I am sure she knows how much you care.

  5. These are fabulous gift ideas for mother’s especially the Creative Mum selection. Sorry to hear your mum does not want to celebrate Mother’s Day, hopefully she will be feeling much better come next year.

  6. All great ideas for moms! I think we often overlook taking care of ourselves, and it is great to treat mom to some things that she can use for herself.

    1. My teeth never hurt actually! In the very beginning, my gums became a little sore so I stopped using it for about 3 days, then I made sure to use very little of the whitening gel and I haven’t had a problem since! I’ve been using Smile Brilliant for almost a year now. You can read my full review here if you’d like to know more about it! 🙂

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