What’s a Holiday Crawl? My First Experience with the VLI

When I googled what exactly a holiday shopping crawl is I was surprised to find that it has happened many times before. I first thought it was a new thing created this year but it’s been going on for a few years now. This was the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers first holiday crawl and I’m honored to have been apart of it!

To give you an idea of what a holiday crawl is, you basically go to a shopping center and visit participating stores that are offering their products or services for a holiday discount. Some stores may give you samples or full-size products for being apart of the crawl. It really depends on the store.

This year the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers were invited to attend Tivoli Village‘s first Holiday Crawl! Before we get into the details I want to say that this was such a wonderful experience! We had so much fun.

Lately, I’ve been taking Lyft to the events with the girls and luckily all my Lyft drivers have been very nice and communicative! I always get to my destination on time and safely. There have been so many scary stories about Lyft and Uber but luckily I haven’t run into those settings. Wanna use my Lyft code? BRIANNA63618*

* I am not endorsed or paid or partnered with Lyft. I just like using their service and wanted to share that information with you!

Our first stop on the holiday crawl was Hub Modern, which is where we met.


A very cute lifestyle store that features cat houses made in other countries to chess boards that cost over $300. The style and setting of the store are quite intimate but very open. They decorated the store with their items to make it feel homey. In my opinion, they did a fantastic job!

Rings from Hub Modern and the Tivoli Holiday Crawl
Industrial rings. They had a lot of beautiful jewelry like this.
Shelf featuring gold and black from Holiday Crawl Hub Modern
Their shelves were beautifully decorated like this one
This one
holiday crawl at hub modern
and this one! This one is goals for my future style and closet organization
Group Photo at Hub Modern for the Holiday Crawl
Group photo at Hub Modern Home + Gift! Photo taken by the wonderful Tyler Mills

Next up on our holiday shopping crawl.


I already loved Gypsy items thanks to my FabFitFun spring 2017 box so I was excited to see their store! I had no idea we even had one out here!

Gypsy05 front entrance at the Holiday Crawl
This place is perfect for the Boho chic lover
Beautiful blue and gold lamp inside Gypsy05 at the Holiday Crawl
I kept looking up to this lamp, I’m not much of a boho type of girl but this really made me want to buy it!
Gypsy05 clothing rack at the holiday crawl
More style inspiration for my future closet!

My friends, Graciella from DizzySpangle and Anna from Mizfabulousity, and I bought these ADORABLE pens from Gypsy05. They called our names and we didn’t leave without them!

Pen bought from Gypsy05 at the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers Holiday Shopping Crawl

I loved the clothing rack and the ceiling lamp most in the store, I have to admit lol


This store was absolutely brand new to me but it was such a pleasure walking into that store. I felt like a little girl in a world full of pink and dainty items. I wanted to shop there but I had a budget I need to stick to!

These slippers were of the first things that caught my eye. They’re $45 but D’annata and the other stores mentioned in this post are all having huge sales for the holidays!

The first thing to catch my eye, apart from the decoration. I really need these in my life
I promise this store had so many candles!
How cute are these bath products?
More candles. They smell so good!
These, if memory serves me correct, were also available to buy. You really don’t know how much I want these!

When I have a kid, I hope it’s a girl so I can put these chandeliers in her nursery. They had two of these in the store and I couldn’t stop admiring them.


Entrance at style society for the holiday crawl
Entrance at Style Society

During our visit to Look Style Society, we got to see Mizfabulousity get her eyebrows filled in professionally with only concealer and foundation. The artist gave us a few tips like using concealer under your eyebrow and foundation on the top to really bring out the color and shape of your brow! You wouldn’t even have to fill in the brows with color if you used this technique correctly. I am going to try this method myself and see if I can master it!

If you wanted to shop at Look Style or get any of their services done, I do remember they mentioned the sales (around 40% off) will be going on for the holiday seasons! So you have all month!

Laqing In Creativity Holiday Shopping Crawl Look_Fashion Capture
Purse here  | Beanie here | Jeans here | Sweater Similar | Scarf gifted| Phone Case here


Gift bags to take home from Echo & Rig!

At Echo & Rig the group was warmly welcomed by the team with blood orange cocktails (I had a virgin) and were introduced to the meat shop. I know there were a few vegetarians/vegans in the group and they had to be a bit uncomfortable with the meat displayed because I was a bit uncomfortable with it, and I eat meat almost daily. Now I am not trying to put you off of this place because they did send us home with beef jerky and gift cards to come back, which I will. The beef jerky was so delicious, well seasoned and wasn’t too soft but not too hard either. It was perfect.

If see the meat cut and shaped right in front of you is a thing you like, then you’ll enjoy yourself here. I know they did have an upstairs area and I believe you can go up there and eat if you don’t want to see the butchering of meat right in front of you.


Hub Modern: I haven’t opened this gift yet, its the silver packaged one. I’m saving it for Christmas because, why not? We also were gifted samples from their soon to open candy store. They gave us dark chocolate salted caramel bites and champagne gummie bears. Both candies were delicious.

Gypsy05 gifted us these beautiful hand-dyed scarves and I’m so happy with mine! The color is beautiful! | D’annata gifted these ‘Lash Out’ clutches/makeup bags. | Look Style offered us $10 off our first visit for their services and these Look Style Bracelets. | Echo & Rig gifted us with gift cards to come back and experience more of their delicious meat.

Since its the holidays, each store were generous enough to gift us with something they offer. Thank you!

Thank you, Tyler for the group photos!
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