Holiday Gifts & The Beauty Blogger Brunch

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Families are looking into their bank accounts and kids are counting the change in the piggy bank to start Christmas Shopping. Or you’re looking at your bank account crying remembering the joy of buying the gifts for your loved ones. The holidays are here and it’s personally one of my favorite times of the year. Thanks to the Beauty Blogger Brunch I recently attended, I have Neiman Marcus The Christmas Book in my arsenal!

I say this time and time again but I really love being a blogger. I get invited to so many events now and though I can’t attend each one, it’s a blessing just to be wanted. Speaking of blessings, I am here to give you some holiday gift ideas for your loved ones! Christmas music is currently playing on my iPhone and I’ve attached an iconic Christmas song that I felt really sat the mood for this blog post!

First things first: This is a sponsored blog post. I was invited to the beauty blogger brunch put on by Christie Moeller over at I Can Style U. I was gifted an awesome goodie bag filled with products from amazing brands in exchange for this blog post! However, all opinions are my own.



The brunch started with arriving at the Neiman Marcus cafe inside of Neiman Marcus located at the Fashion Show Mall. We had amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip hotels with huge windows giving bloggers bright light that sometimes frustrated us with the harsh shadows the sun created. It was quite funny seeing half of us getting frustrated with the shadows lol.

Brunch was waiting for the bloggers in front of the side view corner window. Consisted in the brunch were cronuts in a variety of flavors, potato cupcakes (don’t judge it, it was extremely delicious), chicken and waffles, and more. For drinks, we were each treated to a blood orange cocktail which was pretty for pictures but packed a punch with the alcohol. Though I am not complaining. After having some time to eat and chat amongst ourselves we were introduced to the brands featured at the beauty blogger brunch. First up was a representative for John Hardy jewelry. She told us about the story of John Hardy and how the jewels were found and established in Bali in 1975.

All the girls got to take home a stone of their choice. I chose the turquoise stone.

About every ten minutes or so each tabled group switched to a new station. I got a custom Smokey eye done with Laura Mercier products under 3 minutes and The makeup artist did an amazing job at it.

Near the end of the event a winner was announced for the gift bag filled with all types of beauty and lifestyle products. It wasn’t me but my friend did win it!

Gifts for the holidays

  • The khiels face system
  • Laura mercier
  • Gucci lipsticks
  • Patchology
  • Jo Malone fragrance
  • John hardy jewelry
  • Oribe dry shampoo

This blog was finished on my phone thanks to my computer currently being a pain in my backside. I apologize if the quality or format is weird.

This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

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