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Korean beauty is taking the world by a storm and I’m glad to be apart of it. I’ve tried other Korean beauty products but I will be reviewing the Green Tea & Enzyme Beauty Powder Wash today!

I was sent this product in exchange for review and testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

A little while back I reviewed the Klairs Juice Drop and mentioned how great it was for beauty care. For the past two weeks, I haven’t been using it as I’ve been reviewing this Green Tea & Enzyme beauty powder wash by Wishtrend. 

Right now is a launching event going on that gives you extra cash savings if you make a purchase now through November 16th! 

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Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash | Powder wash + Vitamin 75 Maximizing cream | Wash + Cream + Sheet Masks

What this Green Tea & Enzyme beauty powder is

A gentle face cleanser in the form of powder to offer gentle exfoliating while refreshing and cleansing your skin. I love this powder for two reasons: 1, it works. 2, it’s gentle. It is recommended to not use this with other exfoliating products like the klairs juice drop (since it does have a small amount of vitamin c) if you have sensitive skin. I’ve been using this daily and have experienced no breakouts or bad reactions to the formula. To moisturize my face I’ve been using the Divine Oil from PistacheSkin. Using those two products have really kept my face baby soft. 

A small amount of this green tea & enzyme beauty powder goes a long way

How to use the Green Tea & Enyzme beauty powder

Using this is ridiculously simple. Pour some powder in your hand and wet it with warm water, then wash your face. So simple, right? This makes for a quick wash and exfoliant! As always, I wash my face in the shower to kill two birds with one stone. It doesn’t matter when or where you wash your face. Usually, I will use cold water to rinse my face after applying a cleanser or mask but the warm water helps activate the enzymes in the formula.

The Green Tea & Enzyme beauty powder wash is great for all skin types, especially acne-prone skin!! It moisturizes your face, leaving it smooth and soft (though I do still use an oil-based moisturizer after this), controls blackheads without harsh tugging and pulling, and the smell is a soft green tea scent. 

Again, it is not recommended to use this with other exfoliating products. If you are worried because of sensitive skin, start with a usage of twice a week and move on from there, if you experience any reactions or breakouts stop usage immediately!! 

Simple packaging for this green tea & enzyme beauty powder wash by wishtrend


Key Ingredients of the Green Tea & Enzyme beauty powder

The key ingredients of this beauty powder are Green Tea (of course). Green tea for those who may not know is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. It provides a relaxing effect due to the soft scent and is very popular among Korean Beauty for calming and improving skin. Papain is also a key ingredient, eliminating proteolytic enzymes, old keratin, and skin wastes to improve texture. The Baking Soda provides the gentle scrubbing agent (I’ve personally seen many at-home masks, washes, and exfoliants that use baking soda so this ingredient is a favorite!) to remove blackheads and deep penetrating to cleanse pores. Last but not least is Amino Acid Surfactants, which is a weak acidic surfactant from coconuts, helps provide moisture retention.


This green tea and enzyme powder wash is a great beauty product to have in your arsenal when you are in need of a gentle wash and exfoliant, be sure to get yours now while there is a discount and while supplies last! 




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  1. I’ve heard so many positives about green tea so thank you for sharing this blogpost! The ingredients looks great (baking soda, papain) and that’s always a plus when you know what exactly is in the products you use haha! Thanks for sharing lady 🙂

  2. Wow, Bri! This post was super informative. I love how you broke down the ingredients and explained what the purpose of each one was. I didn’t realize baking soda was so popular in different face products and for at home masks! This stuff looks legit! May need to look into this more 🤔 Thanks for sharing ! Xo

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it and that it was informative for you! I’m learning how to offer more knowledge in my posts especially on reviews so thank you for the feedback!

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