Sweetest Day with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers

Happy Friday Y’all! This week has been quite stressful for me which is why Wednesday’s post is now happening today. I took a little break from social media this past Wednesday due to the stress in my personal life. But it feels like another break will be coming soon. I need to mention two people who have been a huge help to me this week before we get started on the Sweetest Day event at Ethel M. Chocolates. Those are people are God and Annie Spano (founder of Style Collective).

Why am I thanking them? God is getting my thanks for obvious reasons, He is my savior, my provider, my strength, and everything else. I am thanking Annie for creating style collective. This week’s Style Collective emails have included amazing content for bloggers and influencers and Annie never forgets to encourage all the members of Style Collective to keep fighting and keep pushing through. Because of my stress and troubles this week, God and Annie’s words have helped me fight through this week.

Enjoyed chocolate tasting for Sweetest Day at Ethel M. Chocolates with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers. Read more to find out more about the chocolate tasting and the vegas lifestyle influencers
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Thank you, Ethel M. Chocolates for having us for the chocolate tasting! 

Is there anybody that’s actually not a lover of chocolate? Chocolate has so many benefits, I would be surprised if there is a chocolate hater out there. I will admit I’m not big on chocolate but I do enjoy it once in awhile! 

This week I had more than enough chocolate to last me for the month. Stress can do that, folks. A couple days before Sweetest Day, the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers were invited to a chocolate tasting at Ethel M. Chocolates in Henderson, Nevada. What is a chocolate tasting? It’s a wine tasting event, but with chocolate, to put it simply. 

Sweetest Day at Ethel M. Chocolates

The girls all met up around 6:00 pm to walk around in the garden area and get some photos in but honestly, we mostly walked and talked. I promise these girls are bringing the old outgoing me back out each time I meet with them. Not going to lie, I expected pretty flowers and floral arrangements in the garden but then I remembered this is Nevada, so the botanical cactus garden wasn’t too much of a surprise for me. It’s still gorgeous.

A few cool facts about the garden

  • It’s the largest botanical cactus garden in the south-west
  • The garden is 4 acres
  • There are over 300 species of plants with half being cacti and the other half being succulents. 
  • Desert trees and shrubs come from Southwest America, Australia, and South America!
Ocotillo from Southwest US and Mexico taken at Ethel M Chocolates for Sweetest Day
Ocotillo from Southwest US and Mexico
Yellow beauties!
Cacti (my favorite picture also!)
I would love this plant in my backyard, it’s so pretty!


Sweetest Day Chocolate Tasting

This is the good part! Before tasting the chocolate, we were told about the history of Ethel M. Chocolates and how it came to be. Ethel Mars’ son, Forrest Mars Sr, created Ethel M. Chocolates in his mothers’ honor by using her classic and tasty recipes. He started in the desert, producing unique chocolates and fillings at his factory to preserve the quality of the chocolates! This isn’t an easy task either, they use a stone wheel to make the chocolate like they have been doing for years (adapted by the Mayans and Incas).

 A few tips for tasting a new piece of chocolate for the first time: 

  • Get a feel for the chocolate, literally. Gently maneuver it in your hand or fingers.
  • Plug your nose before eating it, release your nose quickly once you bite down on the chocolate
  • If trying multiple chocolates in one sitting, drink water to clean your palette before trying a different type of chocolate!

During the tasting part, we got to taste four of their chocolates. The flavors and types were Peanut Butter (yes, actual creamy peanut butter inside a peanut molded chocolate shell), Lemon Satin Crèmes Dark Chocolate, The Rapture (similar to the Turtle), and the cocoa dusted White Chocolate Truffle. I enjoyed all the chocolate pieces (which was surprising because I usually am NO fan of dark chocolate), but the Rapture was my favorite because I am a caramel girl!

Oh, and our educators were so sweet and funny! 

The Chocolates we enjoyed at the tasting!
The types of beans used to make Ethel M Chocolates
Sweetest Day featuring the Chocolate Wall at Ethel M. Chocolates
The Vegas Lifestyle Influencers in front of the Chocolate Wall at Ethel M Chocolates!


Follow, visit and contact Ethel M.

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2 Cactus Garden Drive
Henderson, NV 89014
Get Directions
Phone: (702) 435-2608
Visit the factory | Attend a chocolate tasting
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    1. Hey Lydia!! We should absolutely link up sometime! That sounds like fun and it would help me reach out of my comfort zone lol and I’m going to have some rocky road ice cream tonight! Another chocolate treat

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