Drink and paint with Vegas Lifestyle Influencers at Wine and Canvas

Happy Wednesday! Today I’d like to talk about one of the many amazing events the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers have had! We had the privilege to drink and paint with Wine and Canvas!

This post is sponsored by the following brands: Wish Formula, Violent Lips, Acure Organics, and Sugar Pova. Thank you, Wine and Canvas, for hosting this!
Remember in my last post I had mentioned there were a lot of events I recently attended with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers? This was one of those events! We had the privilege of having a candy exchange party while we enjoyed a drink and paint class!
The watered-down Edward Scissorhands and the moon!
“Wine and Canvas is not just a paint class, it is Art Entertainment at its finest.” Wine and Canvas.
I really couldn’t have said it better. When I attended college at CSN, I took a drawing class and I loved it. During the class, drawing was challenging for me and the instructor was extremely rude but while I drew, I realized I only thought about what I was drawing. Worries and stress were never on my mind. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much else related to drawing and my skills have decreased significantly so when the group was notified of the event, I immediately sent my RSVP because I was excited about painting. 
Walking into the studio space gave me immediate shop/home loft vibes and I thought it was so cute! Melanie, Stephanie, and I began to immediately set up once we got there since we arrived early. We had the cutest decoration and set up! Our instructor was very nice and we had some great tunes playing the whole night! I love that everything you need for the class is provided to you. You can have a glass of wine during your painting for $5 or a bottle for $25! If you’re feeling hungry and want some food that goes with painting, you can have some of their gourmet popcorn for $4. 
Families and parents, Wine and Canvas has classes for the young ones too! It’s called Cookies and Canvas and I think it would be a great opportunity for your young ones!
Purple and black pumpkins. What else would you decorate with at a candy exchange? Melanie and Stephanie went all out for this setup.


Photo by Natasha Warren
Photo by Natasha Warren
Photo by Natasha Warren
Photo by Natasha Warren
Photo by Natasha Warren

Our Sponsors

All the sweet goodies from our sponsors!
We had so many amazing sponsors that were Halloween related and I am so happy for that. I haven’t tried everything just yet but I know there are some gems among our sponsors! The bat masks (we received two each!) and the sour candy were the only things I’ve tried so far. The candy is a bit sour but not enough to make my face suck itself in. In other words, it’s a good mix of sweet under a layer of sour lol. 
I am SO excited to try Violent Lips Orange Spice. The color and effect are so gorgeous and I’m trying to save this for an upcoming event we have but there are 3 applications I have soooooo I’ll probably finally do a Halloween look and feature this! I’ve tried BioBelle before and love their products so I’m saving that and the last bat mask for a spa day. Acure is a new brand to me but it smells so good so I’m excited to use this! 
Again, thank you to Wine and Canvas for having us and to all of our sponsors for putting together this awesome swag bag! 




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