Beauty Skincare Routine featuring Klairs Vitamin C Juice Drop

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This post is partly sponsored by Dear Klairs and Wishtrend. I received Klairs Vitamin Juice Drop free in exchange for a review.
A few months ago I did a beauty skincare routine favorites post. I’m happy to share that I’ve finally updated my routine, even if it is only one new product! Putting a lot of products on my face is still a no-no for me so my tried and true Equate beauty products are still my staple for great skin. I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to Dear Klairs by WishTrend recently and I’ve been using it faithfully, not just to review it but because I actually love it.
You guys should know that I do my best to give you guys honest opinions and reviews, this is what helps you and why you read these type of posts! So I won’t waste time and get straight into the review. My beauty skincare routine will be under the review!

Dear Klairs Vitamin Juice Drop

Dear Klairs Vitamin Juice Drop review on the blog! #beautyfavorites #skincare #faceoils #beauty #beautyblogger #sponsored #affordablebeauty #affordableskincare
Dear Klairs
First off, this bottle is full size and 35ml/1.18fl.oz. Don’t be alarmed by the size of this. It’s a normal size, to me, and you literally only need a few drops per day. It is recommended to use day and night, with or without another serum or face cream (depending on sensitivity). I first used this by itself, about three drops. It was more than enough to cover my face however it did result in very mild burning. The next day I mixed it with my other serum from The Ordinary (which I gave to my grandmother, she was looking for something to refresh her face. It was a great serum! I miss it), and it worked fine. Eventually, I stopped using The Ordinary serum and only mixed Dear Klairs with my Equate Beauty Dual Power Moisturizer. I use the moisturizer every day so I felt it was a better pair with the juice drop. 
Klairs Juice drop is made in Korea and shipped from Korea but my order arrived within a few days, a week at the most so shipping is quick!

It came wrapped securely and the packaging is very cute. It features the bottle on the front of the box in a rainbow effect. I still have the box because I adore it. Directions and all other information on both the box and the bottle come in English and Korean! This is good for me as it gives me extra practice reading and understanding Korean.
As mentioned earlier, I’ve been using this for a few months now, I received it back in mid-September. I experience no more burning or breakouts at all. So this product gets 5 stars from me for style, application, smell (it’s pretty nonexistent), and results!

My Beauty Skincare Routine

My beauty skincare routine staples. All affordable and effective! #beautyfavorites #skincareroutine #juicedrop #vitaminjuicedrop
three steps to clearer brighter skin!
Yes, those three products are my daily beauty skincare routine. Didn’t I tell you it was easy? If not, then I’m telling you now. It’s super easy.
As you can see my routine consists of Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Toner for sensitive skin, Equate Beauty Dual Power Moisturizer, and Dear Klairs Vitamin Juice drop. The steps for my routine are very easy as well.
First I wash my face with Equate Beauty Skin Cream with Eucalyptus Oil (this is literally the knock-off brand of Noxema but it works just as well and is cheaper), or the Equate Beauty Refreshing Apricot Scrub when I’m in the mood to do a gentle exfoliant. Once done with that, I pat my face dry or let it air dry, then I proceed with using a beauty oval cotton pad (I use the brand Swisspers from Wal-Mart) to rub the toner all over my face. Next is part three, I know there’s two product left but I’m telling you it’s the last step.
I pump 4-5 drops of the moisturizer, then add 2-3 drops (respectively) of the vitamin juice drop. Proceed with mixing the products together in your palms then gently pat the mix onto your face and neck area. That’s literally it. Within about a month or so I started noticing my face was brighter and more supple. It feels a lot softer as well. Before mixing in the Vitamin juice drop, I used only those two products and occasionally The Ordinary serum, the toner is to tone and deep clean my face, while the moisturizer moisturizes my face. Now, thanks to the juice drop, I have bright and supple skin.

What’s your beauty skincare routine? Let’s share tips in the comments!


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    1. It’s designed to improve skin tone and texture. A more in-depth explanation from the box itself: Designed with a hybrid of 5% L-Ascorbic acid and Centella Asiatic extract, helps stimulate collagen production and improves skin tone and texture without harsh irritation. 🙂 I definitely see my face getting brighter, not lighter (which for me is great because I don’t want to lighten my skin tone), and it’s more supple. My face doesn’t feel tight at all either. I really enjoy this product! I hope that helps!

  1. I have been meaning to try more k-beauty products, and this looks like a nice one.

    To answer you, my outine is simple: at night, I remove my makeup with coconut oil, steam my face a bit, add Vitamin C, retinol moisturizer and eye cream (Using Lilyana Naturals); off to bed.
    Morning: Scrub in the shower (Soap and Glory), day moisturizer (I am using a korean one actually, made of snail secretions) and primer before makeup. I try to do masks 2/month.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. K-beauty is getting really popular now and I’m glad I’ve tried and love this product! I also love their face sheet masks! The fact that I can use the leftover essence from the mask on my neck and face without having to wash it off just makes me feel better about using it, you know? Ohh I’ve actually never steamed my face other than letting it get a steam from a hot shower! Is there anything specific you use or just a hot towel? I’m going to have to try that! Snail secretions? I’ve seen a few posts on that and I’m hearing it works wonders but I just can’t get my mind to actually try it lol Does it feel weird?

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