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There is always a want for a whiter smile and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it can get expensive, messy, and even painful. Plus, have you heard of the ‘oh! You use whitening strips!’ phrase? Well, it’s something that shouldn’t happen. I’ve tried toothpaste, strips, Crest 3D strips, whitening mouthwash…I’ve tried a lot. It never gave me the results I was really looking for. Which is a whiter smile. Now I have custom fitted whitening trays and they have become my favorite beauty and health product by a landslide.
This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. I received the whitening syringes, kit, and trays, free for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This is not a promise that you will have the same results as I did or that you will even like it, but this is my personal story and experience with the brand!
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A few weeks back Abby from Smile Brilliant contacted me. I have heard of the company before by a few other YouTubers and bloggers who had those million-dollar white smiles and that made me want to try it. I wanted a whiter smile too. During my teen years, I went through a lot of depression and negative thoughts so I didn’t take care of my health like I should have and I’m paying for it now. I’m just being honest.
Unfortunately, as a college student with only my blog as my income, I was unable to afford it and when I did have the chance to afford it, something prevented me from trying it out. I regret not getting this system sooner but I’m also glad I waited! I wouldn’t have properly reviewed this system for you if I had tried it earlier. Nor would there be a giveaway for you! Things always work out for the best, don’t they?
Once I opened my package, I immediately worked on getting my teeth impressions for my trays done. I had done a few impressions with Smile Direct Club (which was paid for and I’m still having trouble getting the impressions right, but that’s another story), so I was used to the process and had a good idea of what to do.
You can check out the unboxing video I posted to my FaceBook page.

The process to a whiter smile

My favorite go-to teeth whitening system + Giveaway! More details at #Sponsored #Sponsor #SmileBrilliant #athomewhitening #bestathomewhiteningsystem #naturallywhitenyourteeth #whitennaturally #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #blogger #ontheblog

I sent the impressions back the same day or the next day, I can’t really remember. Either way, a few days later, I received another package from Smile Brilliant which included the actual custom fitted trays which would be used to whiten my teeth.
August 14th was the first time I used the product. The trays weren’t too uncomfortable. It feels a little weird having your teeth covered by plastic for up to 3 hours but you do get used to it. The teeth whitening gel is a unique-peppermint-medicine-type of taste? You guys know I’m bad at describing things. Bear with me. However, you don’t need a ton of the gel so if you use the right amount, you really shouldn’t even taste it!
During my process, I have changed up the amount of time I kept the trays on. On sensitive days or late nights, I’d leave it on for 30-45 minutes. On days where I had enough time and felt good, I did two-three hours. It is recommended to use the whitening gel for at least 45 minutes, but there were even days I only used it for 5-10 minutes (due to gum sensitivity) and I still saw a difference after the process.
I started to see a difference about a week and a half after starting the process. The difference wasn’t only in the shade of my teeth either. It was in my confidence as well. I can’t tell you how much I tried to smile without showing my teeth before Smile Brilliant as I knew my teeth weren’t the whitest they could be. They still aren’t, this is a process and it’s removing years of neglect, however, it’s getting brighter and I am smiling so much more!

Why Smile Brilliant is my favorite go-to for a whiter smile

My favorite go-to teeth whitening system + Giveaway! More details at #Sponsored #Sponsor #SmileBrilliant #athomewhitening #bestathomewhiteningsystem #naturallywhitenyourteeth #whitennaturally #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #blogger #ontheblog

My favorite thing about using Smile Brilliant for a whiter smile is that you’re using a custom fit tray for your teeth. This means ALL your teeth are getting whitened at the same time. Basically, you won’t have the “whitening strips smile.” AKA I can see your front teeth are so pretty and white but what happened to the rest of your teeth? Honestly, I don’t think anybody wants that.
One syringe lasts 3-4 applications and each order of syringes comes with a pack of three. That’s 9-12 applications which can give you amazing results.
The trays are clear and even though you may or may not have a lisp when talking, they aren’t noticeable. I haven’t been out in public with my trays on but I’ve done many things at home while whitening and I weren’t hindered from any of it.
I’m sure you want to see my teeth, right? Don’t worry! Here are my pictures. I am including a picture from each week but the biggest difference is from before starting the process to week 5 (Literally took week 5’s picture on September 13th, so it’s very accurate)!
Full disclaimer! I have not edited these pictures, the color, brightness, or white tone in any way, shape, or form. The only thing I did was take my picture in front of my window with the natural light!
5-week difference Smile Brilliant gave me
As you can see, my teeth aren’t yet pearly-blind-your-eye-white, however, the yellow tone is VERY minimal and they look naturally white! I didn’t know how much I would love a naturally whiter smile until now. As you read in the beginning, I originally wanted those million-dollar white smiles, but this is honestly so much better.

4 ways to a whiter smile when you don’t have time!

My favorite go-to teeth whitening system + Giveaway! More details at #Sponsored #Sponsor #SmileBrilliant #athomewhitening #bestathomewhiteningsystem #naturallywhitenyourteeth #whitennaturally #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #blogger #ontheblog

  1. Right before bed. This is my favorite because you literally can do anything you regularly do before bed, while you whiten your teeth. Do yoga before bed? Pop in your trays and do your yoga! Read before bed? Whiten while you read. Plan the next day before bed? Whiten while you plan! The best thing about this method is you can leave the trays on from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your sensitivity and how long you want the process to go. You have plenty of time to whiten before bed! This is also a great reminder and excuse to brush your teeth at night!
  2. During study time. I’m a college student. You all know this, or maybe you don’t. The point is. There is a lot of studying to be done during class and studying always takes at least an hour. This is the perfect time to whiten my teeth because it gives me something else to think about while studying instead of the multiple alternate universes I have inside my head. Just saying. Studying sucks.
  3. Going out later? Whiten during the day/morning! Okay, so this one may be a bit backward because to get the best results you want to whiten after your last meal/colored beverage so you don’t stain your teeth. However! You also might want a brighter whiter smile for the day to attend a meeting or dinner. Therefore, it’s totally okay to whiten in the daytime! You won’t ruin the whitening process even if you eat staining foods and you’ll feel 100x more confident in your smile later that night! A quick note: of course, it’s best to finish whitening BEFORE you apply any makeup or lipstick 😊
  4. On a spa day/this-day-is-for-me/girls night in. If you don’t want to whiten every day and only a few times per week or once per week, you can do that. On your pamper-me-day, bring out your trays and syringes and whiten while you pamper! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and honestly, it’s probably a good thing. Giving yourself a full day of pampering is what every person needs! Hygienic health is just as important as physical, mental, and emotional health!
Whew! Okay, I know this was a super long post but I had to get my point across.

TL;DR: Try Smile Brilliant. The process is easy, it works, it takes time, but the results you get are so natural and rewarding.

Here are some quick tips on how to prevent discomfort and extra tooth sensitivity! I promise they are super quick!
  1. Use Vaseline. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your gums before putting your trays on and the gel won’t bother your gums (Thank you, Abby, for recommending this!).
  2. Use a thin line of gel on the trays. The gel spreads out over your teeth during the time your trays are inserted so you don’t need to fill each tooth with gel.
  3. Make sure to use the desensitizing gel afterward if you do experience any pain or discomfort! Within about 5-10 minutes, you’ll start feeling better.
  4. Start slow. Whether you have sensitive teeth like me or not, whiten for only the minimum time the first week and only 3-4 days instead of every day. It’s okay to do this! You’ll still get results.
  5. Listen to your body! If you’re experiencing pain that is unbearable, you bleed at all, or the discomfort is so bad that you need to go to the hospital, STOP USAGE IMMEDIATELY. I don’t think this has happened at all to any users of Smile Brilliant but it’s better safe than sorry!

How to deal with Sensitive Teeth!

Recently, I found an amazing blog that features even better amazing tips on how to deal with sensitive teeth. You guys know I have sensitive teeth and most of these tips are tried and true for me so I wanted to share these tips with you! I haven’t tried the mouth guard tip yet but the softer toothbrush tip is something I recently tried over the last year and it has helped considerably with my sensitivity! You can check out these 5 at home tips here!

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    1. Aww, thanks! I definitely understand the skepticism! There are so many products out there claiming to work when they don’t, but I’m really glad this one did keep its promise! I’d love to know what you think about it when you try it!

    1. They really are! of course, I started seeing the difference myself after a week of use but to see the difference in pictures side by side?! It really did its job and I’m very thankful lol

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