Stopping By – A Quick Update On What’s Up

stopping by
It’s Friday and I’ve yet to post anything this week. So, I’m stopping by to tell you my plans for next week!

I’ve had such a busy week this week and last week that I didn’t get to plan out my content! It’s crazy but everything has been so productive that I’m not super stressed about it.
Sometimes life keeps you in the background of your work and even though it may look like you’ve done nothing to the world, you know you’ve made big things happen.
The planned posts for next week include the recent Vegas Lifestyle Influencers dinner at 595 Craft & Kitchen (and of course our sponsors!), an awesome blog on how to whiten your teeth with Smile Brilliant, and the laser cut crossbody purse from POSH style LLC
I have posted a video exclusive to my FaceBook page that shows how I achieved my makeup look for the 595 dinner. You can watch it here.
I’m very excited to share these posts with you so stay tuned! 
This blog post is really short but being honest and consistent is key, right? 

stopping by to tell you whats up on the blog for next week

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