Back to school essentials for the everyday college student.

College students are preparing to go to their dorms at the college of their choice, be it online, traditional, or a mix of the two( I’ve actually done all three). Imagine, 2 weeks until college, you’re nervous and probably scared if this is your freshman year, excited to get back to your friends and having fun, or your past your limit with school and this is literally you when someone even mentions papers

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I get it. College is tough. You want to have the most fun of your school years in college, you also want products that are reliable, durable, helpful, and most importantly affordable. Trust me, I am with you. I may be a blogger but I’m also a college student and life gets really tough sometimes!

That’s why I’ve come up with a comprehensive list of all the things you’ll need for college. 

Back to School Essentials for the Online, Traditional, or Mixed College Student.

Transitioning to an online student was one of the weirdest things for me. I thought it would give me more time to spend with friends and family, it didn’t. But! That was because I had very poor time management skills back then. Being online for education since 10th grade has given me a very new and real perspective about time. 

You need a planner. 

I don’t care what you use, your phone, a bullet journal, a $1.00 planner, a calendar, My Happy Planner…it literally does not matter what you use, just use a planner. This is a great tool for ALL college students by the way. You’ll have a lot of things to do and you’ll need somewhere to write it down, add details, and set reminders for. 

Here are my favorite planner sources.

The Happy Planner


Notes, Reminder, & Calendar app on iPhone (you could also use those apps on your Galaxy or other phones, of course.

Doing your homework, taking breaks, and staying calm

Pomodoro app. This thing shocks me everytime I use it. I actually get shit done and am productive. Of course, it’s not 100% effective because I still lollygag sometimes, but 90% of the time, it works. It’s free for ios, mac, and PC.

Relax Melodies | Google Play & iOS – by far my most used app that isn’t social media or blog related. I literally use it every day. My favorite mix is the city rain, thunderstorm, and sometimes crowd sounds.

Here is my study Tumblr account with all the tags I have set up. My Resources tag is probably your best bet, but I do have a free tag as well for printables that you may want/need. Make sure to check out the other tumblrs as well. The studyblr community is a great source for finding cheap and free resources for students!

The Essentials

Adobe. The suite. Photoshop. Reader (free!). Sign up with your school ID and get the CS6 suite for $19.99 per month.

Office. This is actually free for college students now so take advantage of this! Just provide your student email and you’ll get the programs for free for the duration of your college life!

UniDays I love this one because it finds discounts and coupons for you as a student and gives you emails when you can use the codes! They’re currently doing $300 off + free Beats wireless if you purchase a Mac or iPad Pro. You have to use your student ID for both sites! However if you can afford it, get this deal if you’re in need or want of a new computer or tablet! I wish I could take up this offer!

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