Ohio Travel Blog Part 1 | Flying with Spirit Air

Flying by yourself can be a very scary process. However, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t guarantee your trip will be scary. My first time flying, since I was 4 years old, was by myself, to a whole other state across the country, with no blood relatives, and it was the most empowering experience I’ve had in my 25 years of living. This blog post will be a small series (about 3 separate blog posts)

This trip was literally a last minute type of trip. I was speaking with my friend, Elisabeth from EVCMedia(her blog is coming soon!), and she had mentioned that our mutual friend was meeting her for a photo shoot. Lis invited me to come out there so all 3 of us could hang out. Mind you, both Lis and our mutual friend live in Ohio, 4 hours apart, I’m all the way across the country. So I simply told her, “If I receive a financial blessing and God sees fit, I’ll be out there.” 

Literally 3 days later I received that financial blessing. So I bought my ticket to Ohio with Spirit Air because they were the cheapest, other than Frontier Air.

Ohio Travel Blog part 1

I flew with Spirit Air. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about flying with Spirit so I was worried that I had made the wrong choice going the cheaper route. However, my flights with them weren’t dreadful. There are no tiers of seats other than the ‘Big Front Seats’, and the standard seats are tiny. I’m 5’2, and I was cramped. There was a lady next to me, even tinier than me, and she was uncomfortable. The seat tables are pretty much nonexistent, the food and drinks are ridiculous. I paid $3 for a small bottle of water…

The good thing about Spirit? Well, the cabin is friendly, the flight was low-key (there was a bit of turbulence due to the weather but not too bad), and there were no changes or cancellations. The biggest problem I have with Spirit air is the bag fees. You can bring ONE (1) personal item (no bigger than 18″x14″x8″) on the plane and ONE (1) carry on on the plane. However, you have to pay for your carry on, if it’s separate from your purse/personal item, or bigger than the dimensions above, you’re paying for your carry on. Mind you, you’re paying for your bag going and coming if you’re flying with Spirit both ways. 

Another piece of advice for flying with Spirit, print your boarding pass/tickets at your own house or on your own. If Spirit prints your documents, you’re paying for that too. Spirit Airlines makes up for its cheap ticket prices with all the other fees like food, bags, boarding pass printing, etc. 

If I wanted to save money or take a quick flight, with one personal item, I would fly with Spirit again. But if you’re taking a carry on bigger than the required dimensions and it’s not your only bag, I suggest another airline. My next flights will be with Southwest and Virgin.

Next Ohio Travel Blog will be about Downtown Cleveland! 

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Downtown Cleveland



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