Small Hiatus – kind of?

Hello loves! 

This post is literally to simply explain my school terms, how they work, and how this class specifically is interfering with work. It shouldn’t be a super long post unless I ramble too much so please read!

Last month, I didn’t post nearly as much as I am used to and I’m realizing already this month is going to be the same way. 

So here’s how it works

Since I’m taking online classes, there are 6 terms per year. In simple terms every 8 weeks, I start a new class. One class is half-time and two classes are full-time. I’m currently doing only one class but will be going back full-time in August when the new school year starts. Currently, I am taking Accounting 201. Let me tell you something now, I hate math. I hate numbers. I don’t like adding, subtracting, multiplying, you name it. So as you probably expect, this class is really hard on me and my mental. 

Having only a week length break between classes brings me a lot of stress and pressure as well. I don’t get a June-to-August summer break to relax and recoup. I get only a week from one term to the next. I also don’t get weekends off, all homework for the current week is due on Sunday nights and with the amount of work per week, I’m working throughout the entire week, on top of life and blog work.

My plans for this term

To put it easy, I plan to write and draft as much as possible. The regular schedule (3 posts per week) is ideal however realistically it’ll only be one post per week, maybe two but definitely one. Next term, I’m definitely planning to get my shit together and have a full plan and as many drafts done as possible so this doesn’t happen again but I’m trying not to beat myself up so much. Life happens and I have to understand that. 

If there are any bloggers or students that understand me and have a similar situation, I pray you all find peace and have a plan that you’re happy with. We’re going to make it through this and come out strong! Don’t get discouraged!

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