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Mother’s day is just around the corner, I know but hear me out. Summer is on the way also. Literally next month. Spring already consists of florals, sandals, sundresses and shorts but Summer causes for even more skin. You want to look your best for Summer too which starts with skin care or healthy eating and working out. However, there is another part that I feel isn’t talked about enough. Nail care. I’m not talking polishes and treatments in this post. I’m talking Crystal Nail files!

I was contacted by Mont Bleu to review their products. In compensation for this post, I received the products pictured for free. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own! Read my full disclosure here.

We all want our hands and feet to look amazing throughout the summer and Mont Bleu has a nail file kit to fit your needs and to help with that! If you don’t already know about them, they specialize in crystal glass nail files based in the Czech Republic, but you can order online and have them shipped to the USA (Shipping price is flat-rate at $3.9 and free shipping for orders over $50!). The products are offered in many different color and style options. I have to admit, I love this brand and I’m so honored to be working with them! 

If you decide to purchase from Mont Bleu make sure to use the code BLOG to get 20% off your purchase!

The Nail Files

3-peice nail file kit, crystal nail file, tweezers & scissor set, plus a file for your feet.

I was able to pick the products that I wanted and I’m so happy with my choices. The products look even better in person than they do online and they work amazing. My favorite file is the black and white Swarovski crystal one. I love the color, the gradient, the crystals and the cover! It’s portable and very stylish and I love using this. My nail file before receiving these products was a simple blue color with daisies. It was cute too but this black and white one from Mont Bleu is just so eye catching!

Gorgeous glass nail files

Because there are three gradient files in the purple/blue collection, I ended up giving one of them to my mom. She chose the biggest one. I like using the medium and the crystal file so those are my go-to. 

Speaking of the cover, I love the fact that all the pieces except the foot file came with a cover. The cover for the tweezer and scissors set are plain gray and aren’t that cute but I’m happy they still came with a cover! 

The tweezer and scissor set are heavy duty and precise. They have some weight to them and that helps with keeping things precise, however, they are pretty sharp so be careful!

Pros & Cons of the nail kit

How precise these files are. I’ve already used them a few times and each file is so smooth and precise. They don’t snag my nails, the texture of the file isn’t rough and of course, I love how stylish they are!

What I don’t like: Even though I love the smoothness of the files, my nails also scratch against the texture and it makes me feel like I’m scraping my nails down a chalkboard. Which makes me cringe. But it isn’t a constant thing. That is literally the only downside to these products. 

If you’re in love with Mont Bleu products already, use the code BLOG on their official site to get 20% off your order! They also have an Amazon shop (Prime and Prime Students, free 2-day shipping!) if you prefer that. If you’re looking into working with them for professional purposes or for stock, use their wholesale site.

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Try these amazing glass nail files from Mont Bleu. Use the code BLOG to get 20% off your order! #nails #nailcare #review #montblue #crystals #swarovskicrystals #swarovski #pretty #glamour #highend #nailset #nailkit #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger
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