Before and After of My Office Area | Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning! Very minimal space, no storage, sharing a room with two other people: truly a task! #spring #springideas #springcleaning #seasons #desk #officespace #office #deskspace #officeroom #declutter #cleaning #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #fashionblogger

I was highly debating whether or not to even post this but I want you guys to know that all the bells and whistles you see on Laqing In Creativity isn’t how it is behind the scenes.

Sharing a room with my family and not having any storage space is a struggle, especially when I’m trying to work or make my space pretty. However, I have to make use of what I currently have. It could be much worse. I decided to do some spring cleaning and move some stuff around and buy a few small supplies to liven up my office space. I really like how it turned out. 

I don’t have a fancy office room just yet but I have to make do with what I do have. I am slowly getting more useful accessories for my office space to help organize things.

Spring Cleaning Before

My office corner before cleaning and organizing

My space was an absolute mess. You can obviously tell I had a hard time doing any work here. There’s way too much clutter around me, not nearly enough storage, boxes everywhere (we are still looking for a house…currently living with family), and why do I have so many bottles and snacks around my area??? It’s a true mess.

I want to get some type of dresser/shelving unit that I can organize all of my stuff with but space is tight and I’m not trying to bring in more clutter to my family’s home. In the rest of the room, there are clothes. Which honestly can be broken down because we have way too many and wear way too few of them to have such a mess. I share this room with my parents’ stuff, by the way. 

The Process

After decluttering and organizing

I knew I needed to declutter, throw away a lot of junk, and try my best to organize my stuff. I also know that I don’t have a budget, just yet, for this task. So I did what I do best and DIY’d a lot of it. 

My space looks a lot better but could still use some more organizing and decluttering. I also gave my desk another little upgrade and painted the black parts blue. I was highly questioning whether or not it was something I should have done but now it doesn’t bother me. I think it’s kind of cute honestly. Ah yes, all my hair and face products on my desk shelf. See, I keep those there instead of in the bathroom because I do my hair at my desk it also serves as my vanity so it’s more convenient for me to have my products there. 

One other thing that irritated me is all those wires. I hate wires. So I ended up taping them to the back of my desk to get them out of the way a bit. 

Spring Cleaning After

I thought this would give me more freedom with my stuff.

I know the bottles are back, trust me they are getting used though. This picture was actually taken a few days after I finished cleaning and organizing so it’s not right after I went through all that hard work. I moved my desk, wanting a bit more freedom with my stuff. I like where my desk is, but in the corner…well you can see that I definitely need to get some type of organization. 

I’m still working on finding affordable sectional storage boxes/shelving units that I could put in the corner. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. On the good side of all of this, my desk is a lot more clean.  

Spring Cleaning! Very minimal space, no storage, sharing a room with two other people: truly a task! #spring #springideas #springcleaning #seasons #desk #officespace #office #deskspace #officeroom #declutter #cleaning #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #fashionblogger
Right after I finished cleaning.

This is definitely a process and I’m still working on a lot of things but trust me, my space is a lot more organized and clean than it was before. 

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