Free & Cheap Spring Break Ideas for The West Coast

Spring break doesn’t start for Vegas students until April 7th but worry not, families and senior students are planning their breaks already. I wish I was planning mine too but being an online student with a year-round schedule, and a starting entrepreneur, doesn’t allow me to have a week long vacation. Not yet, at least 🙂

The struggle around the world has been real for years it seems and times are hard! People are learning all types of ways to save money, reuse things, make money, sell old things…the list goes on. That shouldn’t put a damper on your spring break vacation though! 

Living on the West Coast of USA comes with a lot of beaches, hot sunny weather and amusement parks. But we want to save our money and still have an awesome Spring break vacation right? Here are a few things you can do while visiting the west coast that are super cheap or free!

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Free & Cheap West Coast things to do for Spring Break

Huntington Beach, California

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I’ve been to this beach twice so far and I plan to go back. The water isn’t crystal clear, the sand is really hot, and there are sharks(a baby shark literally swam by me and I was only ankle deep in the water, please be careful), BUT there is so much space on this beach and the view is perfection. Miles and miles of beach to walk down, boats in the distance to give you a ‘I’m in a movie and this particular scene features me as a star, stranded on some remote island’ feel. Maybe that’s just me. Trust me, visit this beach at least once when you can. Just be careful. You can also have bonfires but its first come, first serve basis so try and get to the beach early!

Road trip!

Planning a thorough excursion can cost only $200 or less if you budget and plan correctly. Trust me, my family and I have made it with much less to Los Angeles from Vegas and back. It was hell, but we made it work. Don’t do that. Please plan and budget accordingly.

Seattle, WA

This is on my travel bucket list. I actually want to make a trip to go this year but nothing is final yet. Seattle is a gorgeous city with high rises, mid-century homes, beaches, whales and more

Santee Alley Fashion District

If you haven’t heard of this wow you’re missing out. The Fashion District in Downtown LA. You can buy in bulk or simply skip the middle man process and get a super cheap deal on fabrics and clothes and even accessories here. They even have eateries available.

Downtown Disney

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I was completely surprised when I found out that downtown Disney was completely free. You literally have to pay nothing, unless you want souvenirs and food. Even the entertainment was free. I highly suggest going here if you can manage. You don’t even have to pay for parking! Now this is a Disney related area so bring your comfy shoes, there will be lots of walking.


Okay, another place I haven’t gone but I want to. This is Vegas’s only water park and it gets a lot of attention in the summer. It opens April 1st, just in time for spring break! Tickets start at $35.

The Las Vegas Strip

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Of course, living in Las Vegas, I have to recommend The Strip. You can visit the downtown Vegas where the original hotels and casinos are but I like to stay where the pretty and shiny stuff is. Some hotels are now making you pay for parking so plan ahead for this. There are still, however many free and cheap things to do. Well, you can walk and take pictures with statues, showgirls, and there are many free acts that go on on the streets of The Strip. The Bellagio has a water show that plays every hour and it’s completely free.

Are you going anywhere for Spring break? 

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This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

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