5 Daily Statements to Boost Your Confidence

You are what you think. Yes, you read that right. You are what you think. The mind has so much power over our lives and most of the time we’re either ignorant of it or literally can’t sense it. Whatever you think of yourself, is what you become. If you think highly and love yourself, or at least work on thinking that way because let me tell you, it’s NOT easy, your confidence is going to boost up and you’re going to go very far in life.

In everything you do, your confidence is needed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a toddler learning to walk, a child learning to tie their shoes, learning how to draw, drive, cook, sing, or write. You could be wanting something much bigger, like starting your own blog, your own business, publishing a product or offering a service. It could also be something super simple such as doing your hair or makeup.

With all of these things, you need confidence. 

Confidence seems like it’s some forbidden-miracle-“wow you’re so lucky!”-emotional thing that not a lot of people have. Taboo? To put it simply. At least in the world I see. 

I admit that it is hard to find and keep confidence but it can and does happen. Just not overnight. Gaining confidence takes time, even if you’ve never had a hard time in your life regarding your confidence, and especially when you have endured hard times regarding confidence. It takes time and a lot of determination. But trust me, you can do this.

5 things to say daily to boost your confidence

I have all that I need, to do what I need to do.

It’s true. Now, this saying does get a bit religious but don’t worry. If you don’t have a religion, you can still speak this statement to yourself. This statement basically goes back to the whole “you are what you think” phrase. You may not have the material things you need but emotionally and mentally, you have everything you need. 

I can, so I have to. I have to because I can.

This phrase is a little something I repeat to myself whenever I’m walking or jogging. As you may know, I hate working out but I have all the freedom and resources I need to workout. Like legs, health, arms, clothes, water. I am not being funny either. There are so many people who don’t even have those basic necessities and yet they enjoy life. So because I can, I have to. I have to because I can. It’s great as a mantra to motivate yourself.

The infamous “Just Do It.” 

There’s a reason this Nike phrase is so popular and it’s not because of the brand. Okay, well maybe a little bit but this phrase is simple and to the point! If you have something you need to, especially if it’s important. Do it. Get it done. Complete your task. You’ll feel a lot better once it’s over and done with.

Stop being lazy.

This one is very close to the Nike phrase but a bit more harsh and sometimes, a little harshness is exactly what we need to get back to reality and complete our tasks and goals. I tell myself this on lazy days or whenever I have homework.

I deserve this.

Listen to me for a minute. If you are working hard for something and that something makes you happy and gives you a reason to get out of bed everyday. Do not let any body tell you you DON’T deserve it. Because you absolutely deserve every ounce of it. 

One more note I want to make is that these statements aren’t just for people who’re trying to gain confidence, these statements are also for people who already have confidence. Keeping your confidence is just as hard as gaining! 🙂

Try these statements daily for at least a month then honestly review how you feel and compare it to when you first started!

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