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Happy Monday folks! Spring starts on March 20th and I’m excited for the new spring adventures and outfits that will be coming up in the world. For this post, I’m continuing my fashion skills and have created outfits with the 2017 Spring Trends according to Elle.com. 

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There were some trends in the Spring Trends of 2017 from Elle that I just didn’t understand…like the bathrobe. That is literally a trend. How and more importantly, why?! This, honestly, is one of the reasons why I don’t like looking at “official” fashion trends. I just can’t wrap my head around the bathrobe trend, but as they say: to each his own. Luckily I don’t have to wear it to be included in the fashion world.

I did create 9 beautiful outfits that fit in the spring trends of 2017 and I’d honestly wear each one. I will have these outfits in my future walk-in closet, down to the last detail and I can’t wait.

Spring Trends of 2017

Seaside Stripes

Spring Trends Stripes


 For the seaside stripes, I wasn’t liking the examples shown of the really big and really bold stripes from the Elle forecast so I watered the trend down to horizontal stripes. 
Meeting Pink is the first outfit and I think it’s perfect for one of those sunny-no-breeze-spring day! Imagine going to lunch with business partners, your girlfriends, your significant other, or just by yourself for some blogging pictures! Make sure you have your gel soles because the shoes will have your feet hurting by the end of the day, if it’s a long day!
Pink lemonade anyone? Forgive me and my lame joke. Whenever I see pink and yellow together I automatically think of pink lemonade. The purse is the statement of this piece if you can’t tell and the flowers just scream spring to me! At first I wasn’t feeling the purse but now that I’ve admired it with the full outfit, it’s grown on me. Pair this with the simple studs and a pony tail and you’re good to go.
The Hollister lace tank is selling for only $15 and I’m really considering snatching it up. I’d wear this outfit closer to summer as it screams beach vibes to me. I’d actually wear this to the beach. Put my bathing suit on under this and change the wedges for flat sandals and I’d be a happy camper.




Spring Trend Khaki


There’s something I love about the big sweater shirt and khaki pants, but then there’s something I hate about it. Not gonna lie, this outfit gave me the most trouble. I almost deleted the whole thing but I couldn’t find anything else that caught my eye so I went with it. The shoes saved it, honestly. Eh, not my favorite but it’s something I’d definitely have in my closet.
The “fashion” outfit. Gotta admit, this is probably my favorite outfit in this post. I’m loving the Balmain jacket with the leather pants. Do leather pants go well for fashion in the spring? I have no clue but you bet your bottom dollar I don’t care. I will rock this outfit. Last week I saw nothing but NYFW posts and updates and I dream of going one day. This outfit is absolutely something I’d wear to it.
Lady June, as I suddenly decided to call the last outfit is a plain-I-have-too-many-business-errands-today type of outfit and I like it. The necklace can be optional but I’d rock it. 



One Shoulder Cut Outs

Spring Trends One Shoulder Cuts


 Okay, there isn’t much for the dress because I honestly was struggling with it. The dress itself is so simple and stylish. I didn’t want to overpower it by adding too many details. The more I look at it, the more I want to remove the earrings and just put some nice diamond studs on it.
The middle outfit is a sweater, yes, but listen. As I am writing this, it is windy, rainy, and a bit cold. Cold enough for a sweater. So I went with it. Spring isn’t all about showing all your skin anyways, right? As soon as I saw the silver Max & Co. Oxford shoes I knew I wanted the rest of my details to be silver too. That is such a statement!
Last but not least is the cut up pink thin sweater-shirt. I paired it with the teal & gold details because I felt they went together perfectly not because those three are my favorite colors. I’m not that biased…okay maybe that’s a little bit of the reason, but can you blame me? So cute! and the teal & gold were a nice ‘spring’ pop of color! The backpack is homage to my childhood hero, Sailor Moon.  


Okay, so that was 9 outfits instead of three, but three outfits for each spring trend that I actually like!
What’s funny about this post is that none of the outfits were pre-planned. Other than the main feature trend, all the other pieces came as I saw them and that’s exactly how I get dressed in the real world! I did, of course take my time with each outfit making sure they looked well put together but whatever caught my eye, went on the whiteboard.

What was your favorite outfit? Do you agree with the 2017 spring trends?

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This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

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