February Beauty Favorites

February has ended and we’re already getting to the second week of March. The first half of the year always going by way too fast. Mid year (August & September for me) goes way too slow and then the holiday months zoom by even quicker! What’s up with that??? 

Anyways, here are my February beauty favorites!

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It was so hard choosing my favorites from February. I received lots of new products and tried all of them. I was honestly going to include literally all my favorites from last month but I figured I’d knock it down to beauty favorites only. So let’s get into the post!

February Beauty Favorites

Zoya “Rue” nail polish.

Beauty Favorite : Zoya Nail polish "Rue" #nailpolish #fabfitfun #nails #nailproducts #Beauty
Zoya nail polish in the color “Rue”

I used this color mostly throughout February. It’s a soft pinkish-mauve-deep blush color and I absolutely love it! It went really well with my skin tone and lasted for a good time. Two coats is really all you need to have it opaque.

Winter In Manhattan Beach Body Cream

February Favorite: Anderson Lilley Body Cream #bodycream #lotion #andersonlilley #fabfitfun #beautyfavorites
Winter In Manhattan Beach by Anderson Lilley

There’s a reason this body cream has been featured in a few of my posts since I received it. It smells like Heaven. If you know me, you know I live for good smelling things and that’s only the cake of this product. The icing is the formula. I live in Las Vegas and unfortunately that comes with hot, dry heat and hard water that dries your skin even more. This body cream moisturizes me from neck down and keeps me soft and smooth throughout the day.

Manna Kadar Priming Gloss Stain

Beauty Favorite : Manna Kadar Priming Gloss Stain #BeautySimplified #MannaKadar #lipgloss #lipstain #priminggloss #glosstain #lipstick #beauty #beautyproducts #fabfifun
Manna Kadar priming glass stain in the color “Lucky”

I wasn’t sure about how this would look on me when I first opened it. I usually stick with my dark colors and purples/my three red lippies that I’m comfortable with. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this on and it fit my tone perfectly. I wore it most of the month as it went with almost anything I put on. It lasted 6 hours before needing a touch-up and my lips never dried out during the wear of this. It’s not transfer proof so it will get on anything your lips touch but it’s not messy either. It doesn’t drip, it isn’t sticky and it doesn’t leave any residue on the outer line of your lips. Highly recommend this. Though the price is way out of my comfort zone ($24), I will be purchasing this once this bottle is empty.

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil

Beauty Favorite : Marrakesh Argan & Hemp oil #beautyfavorite #beauty #hairoil #Arganoil #arganhairoil #fabfitfun
Marrakesh Hair Oil

Hair care counts as beauty, right? It’s going to for this post. I honestly cannot get enough of this hair oil. Last month I tried a lot of hair products to see what works best and this is definitely one of those products. The scent of this is so beautiful but isn’t overpowering, though it still lasts throughout the day. I apply this whenever I’m styling my hair for frizz control, shine, and softness. 

What are your beauty favorites?

Beauty Favorites for February! Hair oil, Body cream, and more! #beautyfavorites #beauty #beautyproducts #andersonlilley #bodycream #hairproducts #nails #lipgloss #MannaKadar #primingglossstain #zoya #lips #arganoil #hairoil
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This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

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