How to clean your makeup brushes! #MakeupMonday

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I’m not going to say this is going to be a constant thing but today, it’s #MakeupMonday. I’m sharing the method I use to clean my makeup brushes and blenders with you.

Since starting my journey of makeup in January of last year, I have learned many things. One of those things are keeping your makeup brushes clean are a must, which makes a lot of sense! If you have been using the same brushes and sponges and beauty blenders to do, lets say 2-3 weeks of makeup and you do a face every two days…first off, that’s not going to give you an amazing face because your products from the previous face will be mingled with the new face and second, ew, gross?! 

I admit, because I only do 1-2 looks a month, I don’t necessarily clean my brushes weekly, but when I know I’m going to do multiple looks a month, or especially per week, I clean my babies weekly (and I try to keep the colors, especially the eyes, in the same spectrum so that it doesn’t throw off my new look too bad in between washes). 

You can kind of see which brushes I use most and which ones aren’t so messy. My beauty blenders definitely need some TLC. And yes, I have brushes that have broken off the handles, I don’t mind this because the bristles themselves still work amazing and as long as those are attached to the gold part, I can still use it. Makeup Fairies, be smart and save your brushes until the end (to save money of course).

The soap I use to clean my brushes is African Black Soap I bought from Target. This soap is quite interesting, in my opinion. It dries my face out so bad and when I’m using it on my brushes, my hand has a white residue on it that is all types of dry and ashy (I really should’ve taken a picture but I couldn’t stand how ashy it made my hand) HOWEVER, my brushes are NEVER dry, brittle, white, or anything bad! After cleaning my brushes they are always super soft and feel brand new! Literally, it’s like I just bought a new set of brushes (and blenders!) when I clean them. That’s my experience though, if you’ve had the same or a different experience using African Black Soap, let me know.

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The process of cleaning of my brushes is quite simple. I turn the faucet on to a warm temperature, wet my brush (I clean my brushes one by one), the soap and of course my hand. I either lather my hand with soap or clean the brush directly on the bar of soap. I am gentle with my brushes, but I clean in big and small circles, up and down, side to side, to make sure I get all the product. Before moving on to the next brush I use any leftover soap on my hand to run over the bristles while running the brush under the water to make sure it runs clean. I then set it back on the towel away from the dirty brushes and move to the next. It takes about a minute or less per brush if it’s one of my dirtier brushes. 

My beauty blenders take about 2-5 minutes each because they soak up all the product that I previously used. I scrub those directly on the bar of soap to get maximum clean and squeeze them (carefully to not tear them) under water after every scrub until the water runs clean.

This is what my brushes look like after washing them. Make sure directly after washing, you shape your bristles back to their original forms, it helps the brush dry in that form and keep the life of your brushes that much longer.

It takes about a day or so for my brushes to dry because I let them air dry, sometimes I leave the brushes lightly slanted so the excess water can seep out but sometimes I just leave them lying flat(takes longer but I don’t mind). If you have something you can use to hang your brushes upside down while they dry, even better


If you’re looking for new makeup brushes and have a tight budget, I highly recommend BS Mall brushes. These are what I use (the pink and gold ones). I bought them last year and they are still going strong. If you buy from the link provided, I do get a small percentage from your transaction, at no extra cost to you

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