Fit Girls lifestyle Program & Progress update #CGGS

Hello! I am updating my posting days, if you haven’t noticed last week. My previous post days were Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I have a new site I am working on and since I have re-branded the new site, I am also updating my posting days now to get my readers accustomed to the new post days. My new post days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Now getting into this weeks CGGS update, I have joined Fit Girls! If you don’t know what Fit Girls is, it is a lifestyle weight loss program. I have been following this program for a while now and I finally decided to take the plunge when they dropped their prices by half, on black Friday!

Progress update:

I want to get this out of the way first. I haven’t been doing good and even though I am looking thinner, I haven’t loss weight. So my current stats are

  • Arms: 13.1/2 inches
  • Bust: 42 inches
  • Waist: 45.5 inches (lost two inches here!)
  • Hips: 47 inches (gained two inches…which is actually what I want, ha!)
  • Thighs: 26 inches

Weight: 220lbs.

I would insert a “before” picture here but I’m not ready for that just yet. I want visible change before posting that.

Okay. So. I have promised many times before that I was going to update you all weekly on my weight loss journey and what not. I’m not making that promise again but, I do plan to track my journey in my passion planner and I have created a Fit Girls Instagram just for this purpose. So follow me on there for updates and activity. I actually paid for this program so I’m forcing myself to stick with it honestly. I don’t know what the results will be, because that’s up to me, but I’m going to follow this along best I can to get my moneys worth. I really hate wasting money.

Fit Girls

As I mentioned above, I have been following Fit Girls for a few months now and I have seen so many girls like myself have really good success with this program. I decided to join it because it gives you meal plans (with grocery lists and recipes), workout plans that need no equipment and can be done at home in 30 minutes, plus a workout journal to keep yourself motivated and that you can color.

Week one meals and workouts are as follow(I’m mixing the workouts with what I am already used to doing with the FitGirls workouts also):

  • Fridge Oats (here is a picture of my take on them)
  • Street Tacos (I’m going meatless for this one, so it’ll be interesting)
  • Veggie Power Bowls (I prepped three bowls on Sunday, homemade Chipotle bowls tbh)
  • Protein Bites
  • Pita Pizzas


  • Arms (Monday)
  • Butt (Tuesday)
  • Core (Wednesday)
  • Cardio- Kickboxing (Thursday)
  • BootyCore with Cardio (Friday)
  • ArmCore with Yoga (Saturday)
  • Rest day- light cardio for 30 minutes and yoga (Sunday)


So as you can see, the workout regimen isn’t too killer. I did my arm workout today(Monday) and I’m slightly feeling it. I know I will feel it more tomorrow. The worst days will probably Butt days (although I hate arm days too in all honesty). The food, however sounds and looks delicious! Healthy food that’s tasty? Yes please!

I said I wanted to be out of the 200s by the end of this year. I have the rest of this year to lose 23 pounds. I am committing myself to this. I need to for my health. I’m not unhealthy but boy do I look it.



Are you starting a new workout? Continuing one? If you’re with Fit Girls, add me on Instagram!


Thanks for reading!


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  1. I really need to get back into this haha! I have been so bad and have gained a ton of weight!! I am totally looking into Fit Girls! It sounds amazing!!! You’re the best love!! We can do this!! You can totally reach your goals!! I will be happy when I am your weight again haha!!!

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