Laqing In Creativity Re-Branding

Earlier this week I posted about how to prepare yourself for a new blog/re-launch. Today, I am following my own guide and giving you a glimpse of the new site!

If you follow my FaceBook Page and Twitter Page, you might have noticed that I have changed my logo (thanks Eli!) and colors. I am finally self hosted now with Siteground and I am working on my blog behind the scenes.

I want the look and feel to change for LIC to give my readers a better experience while on my site. I have a new menu design, the site is much more organized and most of all, it’s customized to fit LIC and LICReaders! I can’t wait until it launches (launch date expected to be early December).



Here is the landing page, the 4 photos you see up top, will be the new menu! I truly am excited for this launch and I know it will be a success. There is still a lot to work on and get finalized and set up and it’s becoming a bit stressful but I will fight through it!!

If you want to be the first to know when LIC re-branding will launch, make sure to subscribe via email on this blog for the updates!


Stay tuned!


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