How to Penny Pinch Your Way Through Christmas.

If there’s one thing I don’t know, it’s how to save money. I don’t go spending ridiculously buuuut I do buy things when I want and sometime I shouldn’t. These last two months I’ve improved very much on saving and budgeting myself better. However, with the holidays coming up, I wanted to make and follow a guide to save money and make sure I stay on budget.

With the holiday season coming soon a lot of people are going to be buying and gifting quite a bit. That gets expensive! Last year for Christmas I spent well over what I originally planned and though my friends and family were thankful and happy, my bank account was not! While there are some things you just can’t avoid (like shipping fees to friends in other states/countries), there are many other options to save money and still give what you originally planned, without making your wallet or bank account cry.

Use Amazon Prime (unless you absolutely cannot find your gift for a lower price or on Amazon at all).

If you don’t have Prime, you can sign up for 30 day trial with Prime at no cost to you (unless you want to keep it) which is perfect. You can get almost all of your gifts on Amazon and the best thing…shipping is two days and free.

Go to the Thrift Stores for clothing.

Yes, this one is scary. Most items are final sale and unique. But honestly, I’d still take a chance with this one. Make sure you make time to really scout the stores (2-4 hours) and really take your time. Try not to rush things and look through all size options because you never know what you can find.

Pack everything in one box.

If you’re shipping anywhere(and not using Amazon Prime), get the priority “if it fits, it ships” boxes. This saves a lot of money because it’s one flat fee for shipping. If I’m shipping manually, my shipping usually cost me $12 at the most.

Buy on sale, use coupons.

There should be no shame in this. Especially if you can extreme coupon in your state. Use those coupons!!

Use Savings Catcher and other related apps that give you cash back for shopping.

I plan to use my savings catcher to help me with my Christmas buying this year. That does limit me to only Walmart for this use but sometimes you can find good stuff. Here is the app for AndroidΒ and for Apple.

If you don’t already, gift wrap the presents yourself.

You can get a great deal on tape and wrapping paper (or make your own) at Wal-Mart near the holiday season. Wrapping presents yourself adds personality and heart to the presents. Also I suggest getting tissue paper from the dollar stores/$0.99 cent stores.

Go to the dollar store/Target dollar section.

There should be no shame in this either. You can get some cute stationary for a student/blogger/planner-person. You can also make cute gift boxes with the dollar treats!

Survey sites and Reward programs.

If you have E-Rewards. I highly recommend using this as well. You can send gift cards and gift magazine subscriptions to your family and friends. If you have reward programs and you can gift your rewards to someone else, do that! You technically don’t pay anything (that means you’re saving) and they are getting a great gift!

(Unfortunately you have to be invited to this E-Rewards. You can’t just sign up. But worry not, SouthWest airlines provides you with an invitation).

BOGO (Buy One Give One)

If you want to give back but still stay under budget, buy products that support in giving back with each purchase made. Yoobi is one of them.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a gift from scratch. If you’re artistic and can draw/paint/create pictures/movies, you get the point, then use your artistic skills!! I personally love homemade gifts. They warm my heart to know how much effort was put into the thought and creation of it. If you’re not too artistic, like me, you can still put together things that are already made and make a cute care package! You can get all types of ideas from Google.

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Whew, that’s a lot of information! I hope it gives you great ideas and inspiration for saving money this season and creating gifts!! I am so excited for Christmas this year, it’s literally my favorite holiday.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you don’t see on the list? I’d love to hear them!


Happy Holidays!!



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  1. I am all about saving moeny during the Holidays too girl!! However, I am so bad at it! I am really going to have to this year though since I have made blogging my FULL-TIME job and really have like no income coming in right now haha! I am totally using this list! I love Amazon Prime and I totally use savings apps too. The thrift store is where it is at! I LOVE it and will be shopping there next year even more. I have found some great finds. I am totally going to be DIYing many of my gifts this year. I love homemade stuff!!

    1. Yay!!! I’m so proud of you for making your blog your full-time now!!!!! You’re going to be very successful soon!! I’m horrible at saving money too lol I struggle to keep to my budget especially for the holidays, I see so many things I want and I just *have* to get them! SMH I’m going to stick to my budget this year though, I have bigger goals so it’s needed lol

      1. AWWW that is so sweet love!! That really means so much to me!! I hope it will take off soon haha!! And omgsh I am right there with you!! I totally do the same!! There are SO many great deals haha!!! We got this girl haha!!

  2. There is also a Cyber Monday 14 – 21 November at Amazon. I guess you can get great technic stuff for good prices. It rumors up to 50 % rebates.

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