November Goals

Hello and welcome to November!

This is the month that I like to make all types of tasty treats and dishes. Homemade Chili, Seafood Gumbo (which my family literally has once a year, it’s a tradition of sorts), Beef Lasagna, cakes, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles and more. I also love this month because that means my favorite holiday and my birthday is just around the corner!

I have many great plans for this month and I can’t wait to see them manifest and see their success. But first, a new month means new goals and a recap of last month.

October Goals

  • Reach  550 total views for the month
  • Gain 20 new subscribers/5 new email subscribers
  • Stay on track with CGGS
  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Workout 4x per week
  • Stick to reading the Bible and praying daily
  • Save $700
  • Get a phone with service
  • Move out to a new home
  • Start baking again
  • Research how to take awesome pictures and practice what I learn for the blog
  • Do one fashion post
  • Continue working on Pinterest Board
  • Have an awesome Halloween Costume
  • Keep researching hosts to move my blog to


Bold goals are complete!

October Recap

I have had a lot of success but it was much more personal growth and that’s fine. I’m happy with personal growth simply because it helps me to be a better person when it comes to my careers, friends, and family as well. I did manage to meet a lot of my goals halfway and some I didn’t even get to start. Overall, I’m really happy with October and I prayed November in with high hopes and strong belief. I’m ready to tackle this month!

November Goals

  • Get my first blog paycheck
  • Start researching how to do taxes
  • Pay off both credit cards in full
  • Get my new phone with service
  • Save $250
  • Grow my blog subscribers to 200
  • Become self-hosted
  • Have a two week promo for new website
  • Grow closer to God
  • Take pictures of all dishes I create/make for the blog
  • Get some equipment for my youtube
  • Lose 10-15 pounds
  • Start the Fit Girls Program
  • Reach 900 followers on Instagram
  • Get 100 likes on FaceBook Page


So as you see I have big plans for this month. Some of them make me anxious (taxes, first check from blogging, and definitely the weight) but I believe in myself and I can make them happen.

Have you written out your goals for November yet? Click here to download a FREE goal template to use for this month if you haven’t created your goals yet!



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  1. I seriously love your goal posts girl! How are you doing? I miss you!!

    I am so proud of all the goals you accomplished in October! So proud of you for researching hosts! It really is so important! I wish I would have done that before going with BlueHost and then having to move everything again haha!

    Great goals for November too!! You got it girl!! I know you will accomplish them!

    I totally need to set goals each month. I do, but I need to write them down haha!

    1. I miss you too! It’s not the same not talking to you as much lol Things have just been SO busy lately. I shouldve better paced myself but I let things get out of hand, let stress take over and just became overwhelmed! And you should definitely start writing them down! It helps me stay focused on them!

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