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Hello lovelies! I have a new little feature I’m implementing in my Chubby Girl Gets Skinny posts. I am going to start doing different topics related to working out and ONE monthly progress post. For example, this first post will be on what I wear for my workouts. Another post could be about what specific workouts I do (with an accompanying video), while another post will probably be a healthy recipe of some sort.

Sounds fun? I think so! A weekly progress with no progress is no fun and that’s probably why it wasn’t doing so well.

However, I am going to give a small update because I do have a small progress but that will be at the end of this post!

I have to admit something. I have a sports bra. It’s cute. It does it’s job. It’s so uncomfortable. It’s too small for me (though it is getting looser, yay me!) and because of that, it’s super tight. I didn’t take a picture of it for this post because, honestly I can’t find it in the midst of mountain clothes in the room.

Here’s my go-to outfit for when I want to really buckle down and get those calories burned!


These shoes are my go to for probably all my errands, outings, and workouts (hence the wear and tear on them). They are slip ons, comfortable, and include memory foam to extra comfort. I have arch supports in my shoes though because I have flat feet. The shirt and pants are both from Walmart and my shoes are from TJ Maxx, they are sketchers if you’re wondering!

The pants are cute colorful leggings that are super comfortable and don’t move around when I’m exercising. I have a sweat resistant top the same color of the Tee in the picture but it has sleeves and because I live where it’s hot almost all year round, I am wearing the cami more often. It doesn’t do anything special but it’s still comfortable and that’s what matters to me!

Before my workouts I always try to eat some type of protein. Usually I make my banana peanut butter shake and drink that. It gives me the energy I need to push through harder workouts or to relax easier on my Yoga days. Other good sources of protein are just a spoonful of Peanut Butter, a protein bar (I love cliffs Bars and I definitely recommend those!).

I know this post is so short but I want to thank you anyway for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you look forward to my future posts!!


Thanks for being awesome,


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