#CGGS: Hello Lovely Week 11



I am changing the look of my weekly progress reports. To see why this started check out my Initial post and This post. To see some of my beautiful group of friends joined in on this health movement, check out Elisabeth and Japhet .


Heaviest weight: 230lbs                                Largest size: 18-20

Current weight: 210lbs                                  Current Size: 16-18

“Healthy range”: 104 to 135

Current BMI: 39.3


Goal Weight: 135-148lbs

Goal size in clothing: 8-10, medium.

To live and enjoy life. I want to be healthy but not deny myself of tasty treats. I want to show my family and future children that being healthy is about being confident and doesn’t require you to be a size 0.


Monday: Tofu with “red” rice, and veggies.

Tuesday: Bagel with avocado, strawberries. Left over Tofu. Steak burritos

Wednesday: Cinnamon rolls (small, 2). Bagel with Cream Cheese and Strawberries. Beef Pot Pie. Roast with rice.

Thursday: Raisin Bran cereal with Almond Milk, Strawberries and Banana. Strawberry and Banana smoothie with Almond milk and peanut butter. 2 canned biscuits with butter. Baked Salmon with “summer Veggies” (cucumber and tomatoes). A few startbursts and some wheat thins.

Friday: Pancake, veggie omelet, smoked sausage, strawberries. Wheat thins. Pizza (Little caesars, deep dish pizza 4 slices, 2 bread sticks, 4 cheesy bread.) Friday’s are my official cheat days and I cheated way too much this Friday!

Saturday: 2 slices of white bread. Wheat thins. Some sesame sticks. Spaghetti Alfredo with Chicken and Veggies (honestly this was SO good! I’m definitely planning to put this in my recipe Ebook I’m planning!). Milkyway


So I weighed myself! The scale shocked me to say the least. It showed that I am now at 210 pounds. Although it did shock me, I’m also not ecstatic for it. I know my body and this is one of the “cycles” it goes through. I lose a certain amount of weight and then it comes back ten-fold. So I’m not celebrating it, but I am acknowledging it! Seeing that number did do one thing for me: it gave me the realization that I CAN loose weight and that I CAN get under 200 pounds. That has become my goal. Instead of reaching my ultimate weight, I’m reaching to get to 190 pounds by the end of the year.


Photos for the foodies!

Don’t forget to check out the hashtag CGGS to see other girls who have joined us!!

Happy Days!


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Until next time,


  1. Omgsh your food looks amazing girl!! I totally need to start cooking more!! What a great new goal to get to 190 by the end of this year! I think I am going to try changing mine too. This way the goal feels more achievable! You got this love!!

    1. Thanks Beth!! <3 I agree, it is much more achievable and I think that will help me with losing weight more consistently and keeping it off! On the other hand, it might be harder if I can't reach my goal (though I am strong on my belief that I will!) and I might be much more harder on myself.

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