#CGGS: Hello Lovely week 10



I am changing the look of my weekly progress reports. To see why this started check out my Initial post and This post. To see some of my beautiful group of friends joined in on this health movement, check out Elisabeth and Japhet .


Heaviest weight: 230lbs                                Largest size: 18-20

Current weight: 217lbs                                  Current Size: 16-18

“Healthy range”: 104 to 135

Current BMI: 39.3


Goal Weight: 135-148lbs

Goal size in clothing: 8-10, medium.

To live and enjoy life. I want to be healthy but not deny myself of tasty treats. I want to show my family and future children that being healthy is about being confident and doesn’t require you to be a size 0.


Monday: Strawberries and cinnamon rolls. Forgot the rest of the days food.

Tuesday: Grapefruit, subway Italian BMT plus soda and chips

Wednesday: Choabni yogurt, bagel. Boiled Egg. Tuna sandwich on french bread with chips

Thursday: Pancake, tofu, sausage. Grapefruit. Salmon, Veggies, and Rice.

Friday: Chobani yogurt, Starburst. Chicken, brussel sprouts, spinach, uncle bens rice, potato salad.

Saturday: Chobani yogurt, Graphfruit. Iced coffee with almond milk. Manwhich with some fried fish. Chicken dinner leftovers from Friday.


I havent weighed myself again. I don’t feel as though I’ve lost any weight yet plus I was rushing and forgot to do so. These last two weeks have been horrible as far as my activity goes. It’s been so hot outside that I haven’t wanted to go out to take my daily walks and so busy inside with homework that I’ve not found time to workout inside either. I am going to lose 25 pounds this year and keep them off. I know I will. It’s just something I’m going to have to give blood, sweat, and tears to reach my goal!


Photos for the foodies!

Don’t forget to check out the hashtag CGGS to see other girls who have joined us!!

Happy Days!


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  1. I totally feel you girl! I haven’t weighed myself this week either. I was so busy today and had a bridal appointment with my brother’s fiance. I was so bad this week. I need to lose weight because I want to look good for my brother’s wedding. AAA the struggles!!

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