What to post when you don’t know what to blog about!

I’m writing this because I’m having one of those days where I have no clue what to blog about. I am a sort of, kinda, new-to-the-business blogger but I have already inspired my best friend to create a blog as well and I felt like I should show her that even though I’ve been doing this for a couple of months, I still get blocked roads and brick walls in front of me. I have a list on my Pinterest board featuring all things blogging and I wanted to share my favorite pins/blogs to get blog post ideas from!

The wonderful Paula from ThirteenThoughts.com has a blog post with 113 ideas to post about! That’s a crazy amount of GOOD information and her post is definitely one of my favorites. She lists quite a few different topics to write about as well!

Also check out Mandy from A Girl, Obsessed for 25 topics to write about if you’re a new blogger!

Some of my favorite topics (even though I haven’t got to them all yet!) to blog about are:

  • Food (who doesn’t love good food and great food pictures??
    • Create a recipe or share your favorite recipe
    • What you had for dinner (was it something new? Did you cook or order out? Dine out? Tell the world about it!)
    • Distinct food (tried octopus while it was still alive? I never would but hey, go ahead and write about that too)
    • Guilty Pleasure
    • Worst Food by far
    • Favorite comfort meal
    • An Occasion specific food (think after church, after the club, at the beach, date night, kids choice night, etc.!)
  • Music (I think this is a great topic to write about. It’s different from most of the beauty/fashion posts out there)
    • Favorite album/song/artist at the moment.
    • Favorite artist of all time and why
    • Artists that inspire you
    • Workout playlist
    • Road trip playlist (this is honestly my favorite thing to do, road trip music is a must for me!)
    • Sex playlist..hey, don’t judge! *shrugs*
    • Gone to a concert? Write about it!
  • Fashion (this is obviously very important)
    • Fashion for your shape (honestly I need something like this because my shape is so….unique lol)
    • Favorite versatile clothing
    • Vacation Fashion!
    • Styles and trends in a different country (if you’re traveling, of course)
    • Season fashion
    • DIY Fashion
    • Lookbook
  • Beauty (again, very important)
    • Beauty Faves
    • Best buy!
    • Off-Brand or Brand? (compare and contrast the dupes to the legits)
    • DIY Makeup
    • Colors/makeup for your skin tone
    • How-To apply (insert product)
    • Tutorial!
    • Makeup of the day
    • Inspired makeup
  • Misc. (this really is absolutely anything you want to put on your blog, have fun with it!)
    • Favorite Book
    • Current Reads
    • What’s in my car (I don’t think I’ve ever seen this but YOU can be the first to start this awesome trend)
    • Favorite Decor around the house
    • “Can’t leave without…”
    • Most productive day(If you record your days in a bullet journal or the likes)
    • Favorite tools for blogging
    • Stationary favorites!
    • Grocery list for the week? (Hey, it might work!)
    • Have a collection of whatever? Showcase it.
    • Goals!
    • “Plans for…”
    • Embarrassing/Awesome/Scary/OMGWTF story…(I’d love to read posts about these honestly)
    • Church activities (if you’re in a church and are comfortable sharing this information)


There are SO many more out there but I just wanted to give myself and my lovely readers something as a reference! Make sure to check out the links provided in this post and let me know, what’s your favorite go-to topic for blogging???


Stay happy. Keep Blogging. Be Successful.




This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

Until next time,


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