20 questions: Get To Know Me!

Since I am going to be recovering from my Wisdom Tooth extraction this week, I have scheduled this post and decided to make it an easy read. If you have been wondering about me, this is exactly what the title says, you’re going to get to know me a little better! I want to find really good but not too personal questions, if you have any questions you want to ask just drop it in the comments below (if they are too personal I will reply to you letting you know I won’t be answering that question)! I will do a part two for questions that are asked in the comments!

I don’t want this too long so I want to keep it under 20 questions.

1. Are you named after someone?

As far as my middle name, yes…in a way. My first name, Brianna, is not named after anyone, my mother just liked that name but my middle name is Sharee, named after my fathers mother, Marie. My mom didn’t think “Marie” fit me well so she changed it to Sharee, they are pronounced similar. My original name was Ashley-Nicole (which I really like but that’s another story as to why I wasn’t named that).

2.If you were another person, would you befriend yourself?

Now, definitely. When I was a teenager, I’d stay far away, as a child (elementary), definitely! I was an outgoing and active child, friendly and somewhat popular. Made friends with pretty much everyone. As a teen I became reclusive, depressed, insecure, afraid, self-loathing…I just wasn’t an easy person to get to know. Now, I am a Queen, my mindset isn’t perfect but it’s way better than it used to be. I am confident again, more outspoken, though I am still just a tad bit shy, and I know my goals.

3. Scary movies or Happy Endings?

Neither lol. I actually love action movies. Put a good Marvel movie on and I’m glued to the TV.

4. Summer or Winter?

Definitely Winter. I am a fall baby (December 10th) but I love the winter. Give me snow, rain, thunder and lightning. I’ll be a happy camper!

5. Do you have any pets?

Yes. Schnauzer/shi-tsu mix. His name is Samson. He’s our fur baby and he knows he’s our fur baby. He’s four years old, by the way.


6. Are you Married?

No. I’m single, and not ready to mingle (I’m way too focused on my careers and businesses to worry about a relationship at the moment)

7. Do you want to get married?

I really do. I would love to have my dream wedding and get married to my soulmate that was created just for me in this specific lifetime. Sometimes, the way the world is now, I don’t believe that’ll happen but there is a stubborn part of me that still hopes and dreams.

8. Want children?

YES. Oh my God, yes. I want children more than I want to get married. I will literally go through In-Vitro Fertility if I do not have a suitable man by the time I’m ready to have kids. I will adopt too. I have no problem doing that.

9. Mac or PC?

Mac but I have a PC because Macs are ridiculously expensive and I have yet to be able to afford one.

10. Kindle or Physical book? 

Both honestly. I love the feeling of holding a physical book in my hands, reading and immersing myself in the book but I also love the advantages of a kindle, reading at night, not worrying about the pages ripping or getting paper cuts, not losing your place in the book, etc.

11. Night out or Evening in?

Definitely evening in. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and exploring the world, gaining new experiences, but I also love the cozy comfort of staying inside, especially on a rainy night.

12.Winning the lottery or finding the perfect job?

Creating my own businesses with multiple streams of income. Though winning the lottery and investing that into my empire wouldn’t hurt.

13. Sailboat or cruise ship?

Honestly, I don’t think I could do either one. The ocean scares me and I’m sure I’d get seasick something awful on the water.

14. Would you rather be cold or hot?

I’d rather be cold because there are so many ways to warm up. I don’t care if you’re butt naked, in a pool of ice water, the heat will eventually kill the ice, warm the water and you’re back at square one. I’ll take the cold, thank you very much.

15. If money wasn’t an object, what would you do all day?

I would work! My work includes baking, blogging, and recording. I love doing all three of those so yes, that’s what I would do. With the occasional traveling and reading.



Okay, I know I said 20 but it’s bedtime, my head is hurting and I’m super tired. So I’m going to stop here. Don’t want to bore you all with my details of my life anyways! I hope you enjoyed reading this and getting to know me a little bit more. Have any other questions you want answered? Drop them in the comments below or email me with your questions at sinfulladyb@gmail.com with the subject “More questions!” (I need to update my email honestly, but it will be better in due time, I have a lot of big plans for Laqing In Creativity this year!).


Stay happy, Be safe.




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Until next time,

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