Chubby Girl Gets Skinny: Hello Lovely! week 4


Hello Dolls and Kens! Today I wanted to speak and introduce a personal part of my life with you. I have been speaking with Elisabeth at Everything & Nothing about her wonderful weight loss posts and she inspired me to make and share my own! She has been so sweet and accepted my request to join her and collaborate with her on this journey! Make sure you check her posts out, she’s very inspiring!

To give you some background, I went through an awful experience at the age of 6 and began to eat my fears and stress away. I have been a big girl since then. I have tried many times to workout and eat right but it never went through. My heaviest weight was 230lbs. I am only 5’2 so that is obesity for me. I was devastated hearing that word, I was 15 when I heard it from the doctor and I vowed to get healthier. Well, I haven’t stopped my journey, but I havent had much difference either. I will admit that I have lost some weight. I am currently at 215lbs, which is good, but I am 24 years old…it shouldn’t have taken me this long to lose that little amount of weight. I am working out daily, starting small as I have an irregular heartbeat (so I can’t put too much stress on my heart).

I will be posting a weekly summary every Sunday of how I did during the week!


Heaviest weight: 230lbs                                Largest size: 18-20

Current weight: 213lbs                                  Current Size: 16-18

“Healthy range”: 104 to 135

Current BMI: 39.3


Goal Weight: 135-148lbs

Goal size in clothing: 8-10, medium.

To live and enjoy life. I want to be healthy but not deny myself of tasty treats. I want to show my family and future children that being healthy is about being confident and doesn’t require you to be a size 0.


  • Sunday:
    • didn’t eat breakfast
    • Beef roast soup.
    • Pasta with turkey & broccoli
      • Rest Day
  • Monday:
    • a few BBQ chips
    • Pasta
    • BBQ (Memorial day!)
      • Walked


  • Tuesday:
    • Banana
    • Chips
    • Left over bbq
      • Jogged and waist trained


  • Wednesday:
    • Almonds
    • Yogurt and almonds
    • Turkey burger with chips
      • Jogged. Walked.


  • Thursday:
    • ChoBani Peanut Butter Dream Flip Yogurt w/ handful of almonds
    • Pizza Bagel
    • almonds for a quick snack
    • Lemon Pepper Salmon, Couscous, Cooked Asapargus with Cherry tomatos
      • Light walking while grocery shopping.


  • Friday:
    • tofurky sandwich with chips and a banana.
    • Boiled chicken breast salad with almonds, strawberries, and avocado. Balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
    • Baked Cod with small salad, baked sweet potato, and a small helping of hamburger helper.
    • Oreos and milk.
      • no workout


  • Saturday:
    • ChoBani PB Dream Flip yogurt
    • Banana
    • Sesame tofu mix with rice and veggies (I can do a recipe post about this, if you would like!), this was actually a meal prep!
      • Light activity at the park.


I have lost another two pounds!!!! I am so excited and ready to keep going. I do believe, that I will lose another 2 pounds each week if I continue my journey with determination. In the last four weeks I started at 215lbs, I gained 4 pounds, reaching 219lbs in between week one and two, and now I am down to 213lbs! So I have lost a total of 6 pounds in four weeks!!! That doesn’t seem  like much but for me, it’s a huge deal. It was consistent, I stayed strong and honest with myself. I am closer to my weight goal. I feel so good! I’m not sure how week 5 will turn out because I am getting my wisdom tooth pulled so I won’t be eating much, but that also means I won’t be doing any exercise. We shall see how week 5 turns out.

Photos for the foodies!


Don’t forget to check out Elisabeths’ CGGS Journey!

Happy Days!


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Until next time,


  1. Wow girl!! I am so proud of you!! I actually gained quite a bit last week! It was a rough week!! However, no excuses for this week! I am just so proud you lost 2 lbs!! Also, that food looks amazing!! And Omgsh I am obsessed with Chobani PB dream yogurt!! It is so AMAZING!!! I totally need to try the beef roast soup! That sounds delicious! Actually, everything you ate…I want!! The bbq looks divine!!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss and on your journey to great health:) You have it right…it’s not about the size you wear, but about how you feed and nourish your body and soul:)

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